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Yu-Chen Shih’s Guide To Travel Proofing Your Skincare

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Picture this dream scenario if you’ve been searching for your dream liquid foundation: it’s one that has buildable coverage that never looks heavy, has ingredients that improve the look of your skin so that you gradually can use less, and most importantly, comes in shades that Asian people naturally have. Now, we’d like to introduce you to Yu-Chen Shih of Orcé Cosmetics who has created such a product.

Created in 2019 by, Orcé Cosmetics (it’s pronounced or-say) is Shih’s love letter to her Asian heritage as it is a solution to meet their needs in mind like finding a foundation with the right undertone. Going on to be a cult favourite of Hollywood celebrity makeup artists who have used them on their clients like Michelle Yeoh and Lana Condor, the brand’s Come Closer Skin Serum Foundation has also become a beauty editor favourite here (“Are you wearing…” “The Come Closer Skin Serum Foundation? Yes I am”).
In this interview, Shih lists down some ways she achieves her own flawless makeup, activities to do in Los Angeles where she is based, and of course, her steps to travel proofing a skincare routine with the best-of from her brand.

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Yu-Chen Shih's Guide To Travel Proofing Your Skincare Orcé Cosmetics

1. A foundation that works no matter where you are in the world. 
Orcé Cosmetics Come Closer Serum Foundation ($129)! It’s oil-free, non-comedogenic and lightweight, yet hydrating and provides just the right amount of coverage.

Yu-Chen Shih's Guide To Travel Proofing Your Skincare Orcé Cosmetics

2. A setting powder that never settles cakey or chalky. 
Orcé’s Come Closer Setting Powder ($69), of course. For years, I was looking for a setting powder that is talc-free (talc clogs pores and I have acne-prone skin) but most options available in the market were talc-based.

So, I decided to formulate a serum-infused talc-free setting powder that is cake-proof, doesn’t clog pores, provides skincare benefits, and acts like a soft-focus filter IRL.

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3. A skincare product she never fails to pack in her travel kit.
Skin Inc’s Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask ($78) is a lifesaver. I always apply it all over my face before boarding a flight and it has helped to prevent aeroplane acne (yes, it’s a thing).

The mask provides a surge of hydration and also acts as a barrier, protecting your skin from the dry cabin air. 

Photo Credit: Olivetta

4. The best restaurant to people-watch in Los Angeles.
Olivetta in West Hollywood is my favourite restaurant for a girls’ night out! Stepping into Olivetta, it feels like you’re entering a magical carnival tent with some of the most attractive and well-dressed people.

Definitely, a place to see and be seen, but the food does not disappoint either. Don’t be surprised if you spot a celebrity.

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Photo Credit: Redbird

5. The best place for a relaxing dinner in Los Angeles.
Redbird in Downtown LA. Ask for a table in their beautiful courtyard as it’s always outdoor dining weather in Los Angeles.

6. The best place to live like an Angeleno in Los Angeles
I’m a Westside girl so I may be biased so it’ll be Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Beverly Grove, or Santa Monica.

Photo Credit: Apothéke

7. The best bar to spend the night in Los Angeles
Apothéke in Chinatown is a 1920s apothecary-themed speakeasy cocktail bar where the mixologists are dressed up as pharmacists.

They conjure up some of the most delicious cocktails I’ve ever had with organic produce, herbs and botanicals. 

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8. The best makeup tip she has taught someone.
Proper skincare prep is the key to a flawless complexion! Exfoliate at least once a week and use a hydrating mask before applying makeup.

9. The best podcast to help her get inspired.
Rock the Boat!

Yu-Chen Shih's Guide To Travel Proofing Your Skincare Orcé Cosmetics

10. An underrated way to use a foundation applicator.
Use our Perfecting Makeup Sponge ($30) for everything from skincare and sunscreen to foundation and setting powder.

Using a sponge to apply products helps to ensure an even distribution, which is especially crucial for SPF!