By Bryan Goh

This All In One Sunscreen Will Give you Halo-like Skin

The ILLUMIASKIN ALL 1N ONE UV Base is your next holy grail

When I was on set a few weeks ago, a makeup artist mentioned that he was performing a technique for “halo-like skin”. Not to be confused with strobing or highlighting, it’s a somewhat complicated take on illuminating—use a radiant-imbuing sunscreen, add some concealer, and strategically apply a colour-correcting primer on the higher planes of the face such that you get an effect where your skin looks like a halo of light (or perhaps, a ring light) is cast over it.

Yes, it’s complicated especially if you have no time in the morning but with the ILLUMIASKIN All 1N UV Base ($59), I’m happy to report that you can get both UV protection and halo-like skin within just two minutes.

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This creamy and high-quality mineral sunscreen that doubles as a hydrating makeup primer goes above and beyond shielding your skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays with both Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide. It has a blend of naturally derived ingredients—soothing white mulberry, anti antioxidising green tea, and brightening liquorice root extract—that helps repair existing skin damage and prevent future ones from happening, and both sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E to hydrate and retain moisture.

That is no small feat for a product that is so lightweight and elegant in texture (pro tip: you can skip a moisturiser on days where you’re really pressed for time as it’s that hydrating) but honestly, it is the sunscreen’s halo-skin-like effect that sold it to us.

As the pink light-reflecting tube suggests, the ILLUMIASKIN ALL 1N ONE UV Base also gives your skin an illuminated effect. Imparting both a dewy and light-diffused look, it gives the visual illusion of younger skin but pro tip—you need some time to properly massage the product onto your face as it also has a tone-up effect. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it ensures that you’re getting even SPF coverage across your face and ensuring that all parts of it are equally glowy.

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Once you’ve gotten said glow, you’ll realise why we can’t get enough of this sunscreen. The product’s tone-up lightens mild discolouration on the forehead, around the cheeks, and dark spots to a certain extent. This means that you can lessen the use of concealer around those areas but if you’re into a full face with either a liquid or cream foundation, this sunscreen never pills which is quite a rarity for products with such a texture.

“Suncare is a must, not just because it delays signs of ageing, but it also protects your skin’s health. A lot of you have been asking for a sunscreen product to add to your current ILLUMIASKIN routine, and I’m so excited to finally share this multi-tasking sunscreen with you!” says Kim Lim and yes, if you’re looking for a new sunscreen to add to your routine then let the ILLUMIASKIN ALL 1N ONE UV base be the one.

The ILLUMISKIN ALL 1N ONE UV Base ($59) is available for purchase online.