By Avier Tan

South Korea Virtual Influencer Rozy Does Not Actually Exist, Yet She’s Oddly Humanlike

Imagine being 22 forever
HallyuSG talked to South Korean Virtual influencer Rozy to find out more about the being who remains at 22 years’ old forever.

Like any other Gen-Z fan now, South Korea’s first virtual influencer Rozy is keeping herself abreast of music trends. And she’s a fan of K-pop girl group NewJeans.

Some tracks on her playlist include OMG (2023)Ditto (2023) and Attention (2022), the 22 year-old influencer told HallyuSG in an exclusive interview done via email.

Fun fact: Rozy doesn’t age. That means she’d remain as a 22 year-old being forever. “I never get older, but I’m growing through experience instead,” she said.

“Instead, I’m looking forward to seeing myself, who will be 22 years old in 5 and 10 years”.

Perhaps, thanks to her forever youthful outlook, she’s been able to engage in a plethora of sports and activities. In her free time, she indulges in tennis, golf and even skateboarding.

“I can’t stay still even in my free time”. Other than exercising, “I often travel or [vlog],” she added.

For instance, she dropped by Singapore last June. Then, she visited the iconic waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport. She also toured some places of attraction, like the Merlion Park, Chinatown and Gardens By the Bay.

Like the environmental advocate she is, she stayed at Parkroyal Collection Pickering, plastered with green walls. “It was impressive, I was amazed that hotels could be so eco-friendly,” she said.

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Even when engaging in her personal activities, Rozy boasts a keen sense of fashion. And she’s always glamorously dressed.

She has been exploring opportunities in the virtual fashion realm recently too. As a virtual influencer, “virtual fashion is the area that I can best pull off,” she said.

HallyuSG talked to South Korean Virtual influencer Rozy to find out more about the being who remains at 22 years’ old forever.

But much thought goes into her outfit. Rather than merely pulling off pretty clothes, she wants to wear something that represents freedom and challenge.

“I boldly mix and match patterns or colors or create my style through new challenges without distinction between men and women, without physical and digital restrictions”.

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Fortunately for Rozy, her interests in both fashion and environmental advocacy could converge. 

She recently participated in the upcoming Metaverse Fashion Week 2023, where she paraded runways with pieces from her own virtual fashion brand: OHROZY.

Most, if not all, of her pieces contain a message relating to being environmentally conscious. For instance, she designed a coral-bleaching and a melting glacier dress that could seem unfeasible to be physically tailored.

“I’m sure digital fashion can be an eco-friendly fashion field that does not require fabric,” she said. “It does not need to run factories, and does not generate trash since there is no packaging,” she said.

Rozy aims to continue her quest to spread environmental awareness this year through digital fashion pieces.

This article originally appeared on HallyuSG.

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