In Fashion, Beach Clubs Are Still Big Business

Summertime sadness? Clearly not at these sun-drenched havens
Ember Beach Club of One & Only Desaru Coast, in Desaru, Malaysia. Photo: Courtesy of Dior

It’s summer and the mercury is climbing, but there’s something else heating up: the competition to take over prime beachside real estate. Fashion brands are splashing out their summer capsules in the sunniest of locations, from Singapore to Saint-Tropez.

In just the last two weeks, Gucci announced their takeover of the iconic Loulou Ramatuelle Beach Club in Saint-Tropez, while Dior has taken over the Ember Beach Club of One & Only Desaru Coast, in Desaru, Malaysia, and Tanjong Beach Club in Singapore.

Gucci’s partnership with the Loulou Ramatuelle Beach Club sees umbrellas painted with lemon yellow and white stripes, while beach beds have taken on the Italian house’s signature webbing in navy blue and red. Meanwhile, towels and cushions prominently feature the interlocking GG logo.

Accompanying the seaside experience is their Summer Stories capsule collection, featuring swimsuits, cotton bathrobes, sundresses, bags and accessories and more nautical-inspired pieces.

To round out the experience, a special menu and cocktails curated by the house’s Florentine café and cocktail bar, Giardino 25, will be served at Loulou’s as well.

Closer to home, Dior’s dual takeover of One & Only Desaru Coast’s Ember Beach Club and Singapore’s Tanjong Beach Club feature the French brand’s Dioriviera capsule collection and the newly launched La Collection Privée Dioriviera perfume.

The house’s new Toile de Jouy Sauvage pattern, showcasing a palette of soft pinks and grays, adorns cushions, deckchairs, parasols, sunbeds, and canopies, among other paraphernalia. The pop-up store itself is equally impressive, with an exterior that looks as if sculpted from sand.

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What’s more, the pools in both locations also feature the Dior logo and monogram, as well as the name of the pop-up, “Dioriviera”.

The Dioriviera pop-up at One & Only Desaru Coast. Photos: Courtesy of Dior

Other brands like Burberry and Loewe have also attempted this strategy in the past, with Burberry taking over beach clubs in Bangkok, Busan, Dubai, Miami, Mykonos and Xiamen in 2021 for its TB Summer Monogram capsule; while Loewe has an on-going partnership with Ibiza beach club institution Paula’s Ibiza.

But what’s behind the rush to the seaside? More than just being a convenient vacation shopping destination, these elaborate pop-ups are viral social media moments that get fans excited—they are also a golden opportunity to draw a new crowd to their brands, and for the wider public to get a taste of the luxury experience.

It’s also a chance to get hold of the lucrative vacation crowd—if you’re able to visit these locations, chances are, you’re affluent enough to afford the collections being peddled at them, too. Prices for pieces in the Dioriviera capsule collection start from $370 for a Toile de Jouy Sauvage Mitzah scarf, and cap out at $6,100 for the Mini Lady D-Lite bag in the new Toile de Jouy Sauvage.

Looks like summer is more than just a time for play—it’s a moment for brands to have their day in the sun as well.

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