By Vanessa Ng

All The Brands Endorsing NewJeans

Attention: the girls are dominating the fashion industry one brand deal at a time
Photo: Courtesy of Dior

What does it mean to be 18 and the face of a major fashion house like Chanel? Or to be 15 and arguably the buzziest celebrity guest at a Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall showcase? The girls who comprise NewJeans are relatively new, but don’t let their “rookie” titles fool you. They’ve recently clinched the Guinness World Record as the fastest K-Pop artist to reach a billion streams on Spotify, reemphasising the old adage that achievement isn’t bounded by age. With an average age of 17, Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein have been appointed as promotional ambassadors for Seoul, and found themselves the faces (and voices) behind a plethora of brand deals. As of last week, the confirmation of member Haerin as Dior’s new House ambassador solidified the girl group in the eyes of luxury fashion, as they achieved a five-for-five feat—each member now maintained individual, international ambassadorships with major luxury fashion houses.

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The youthful exuberance associated with NewJeans is uncannily stark. Opting away from the characteristic high-octane outfits and ornate CGI sets associated with most other 4th Generation K-Pop acts, the quintet embodies a greater appreciation for naturalistic approaches in both the music and promotional content they release. With their lighthearted, stripped-back approach, the girls are aspirational, but realistically, a way identified by brands to be a key approach in influencing their Gen-Z fans.

Below, from Levi’s to Armani Beauty, we recount a comprehensive list of the girls’s brand deals thus far.

Dior: Haerin as Global House Ambassador

Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Burberry: Danielle as Global Ambassador

Gucci: Hanni as House Ambassador

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

Louis Vuitton: Hyein as Brand Ambassador

Chanel: Minji as House Ambassador

Armani Beauty: Hanni as Global Ambassador

Photo: Courtesy of Armani Beauty

YSL Beauty: Danielle as Global Ambassador

Levi’s: NewJeans as Global Ambassadors

Photo: Courtesy of Levi’s

Nudake: NewJeans Pop-Up

Stonehenge: NewJeans as Ambassadors

O!Oi: NewJeans Campaign

Nike Seoul: Minji and Haerin’s “Feel Your All” Ad Campaign

Nike Air Max: NewJeans “Maxxed Out” Ad Campaign

LG Electronics: NewJeans Design Collaboration

OLens: NewJeans as Ambassadors

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