By Vanessa Ng

Exclusive: K-pop Girl Group ITZY Unveil Their Second Capsule Collection With Charles & Keith

Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna discuss touring, dream holiday destinations and their latest capsule collection with Charles & Keith

ITZY poses with the Astra Canvas Tote

To say that ITZY has been prolific in the K-pop arena is no exaggeration. A succinct summary: to date, the group has 46 music show wins, 109 award nominations, and record million seller feats—their albums have an enviable track record of sales surpassing a million copies.

Facts and figures aside, ITZY has the South Korean market firmly within its grasp. They launched at the cusp of K-pop’s fourth generation, a prime set by the genre’s breakout into the western world, all but cementing their status as the new It Girls of the era.

The girl group has become synonymous with messages of self-acceptance, levity and confidence, embedding clever lyricism into cross-genre beats and tunes. This focus on the positive has led to a partnership with local fashion retailer Charles & Keith, fronting both the fall/winter 2022 and spring/summer 2023 campaigns. “These talented girls represent a bold authenticity and progressive spirit that perfectly align with Charles & Keith’s brand vision,”said  a press statement about the partnership. More recently, the quintet has also designed a collaborative capsule with the brand, aptly named IT’Z Mine, which has just revealed its sophomore collection.

In an exclusive interview with the girl group, GRAZIA Singapore speaks to them about their new collaboration with Charles & Keith, get all the details about their first world tour, and their hopes for the band.

The Astra Canvas Tote comes in three sizes

Congratulations on wrapping up your first world tour—what was most memorable to you on this tour?  

Ryujin: I think it was when we laid down on the stage and rested for a while with the members after the concert! 

Chaeryeong: We took group pictures with our fans in every city and by seeing all the photos together, we met so many MIDZYs. I won’t forget all those moments.

With the summer season around the corner, what are your favourite summer holiday destinations and why?

Yeji: The place I want to visit is Jeju island! When we shot our season’s greeting two years ago, I visited Jeju’s beach for the first time and I have amazing memories of that time. I want to see the blue sea again, and I want to eat seafood noodles too! 

Lia: I can’t visit often as it’s far away, but Hawaii always comes to my mind when I think of summer. 

Ryujin: I want to go to the beach for summer vacation, because summer reminds me of the ocean. 

Chaeryeong: My home. I think it is where I can relax more comfortably and safely than any other place—when I can stay cool at home and rest while eating delicious food. 

Yuna: I like looking at the beach. It’s fun to play in the water when the sun is bright, and I also like to see the endless night sea! 

Chaeryeong, Yeji and Lia carry the Astra Canvas Tote

How is this season’s ITZ Mine collection different from the previous one?

Yeji: I think the first collaboration was attractive as it was colourful and if it was more cute and lovely, the second collaboration has more of a comfortable charm that anyone can appreciate. I think the two collaborations having different concepts is another charm. 

Lia: In the previous collaboration, [there was a] chunky feeling and colour stood out, but this time, it came out with more basic and calm colours. I think there’s an advantage that you can decorate it with patches you like or fill it with any styling you want! 

Yuna: If the first collaboration was youthful and free because of its colourfulness, the second collaboration looks chic with its minimal design and colour! 

Which are your personal must-haves from this collection and how would you style them?

Yeji: Rather than mini bags, I tend to carry bigger bags so I think I’ll carry the Astra canvas tote bag. 

Lia: I usually have many things to carry, so the medium size bag is a must for me! 

Ryujin: I think it would be pretty to carry the biggest bag with a comfortable dress. 

Chaeryeong: I’ll carry the medium size bag—it is casual and can be carried comfortably on any kind of clothes, regardless of style! 

Yuna: I like small sized bags—I will put a mini bag charm on it and style it with a tone-on-tone outfit. 

Ryujin and Yuna carry the Astra Canvas Tote

As ITZY continues to evolve, what is one thing you hope remains?

Yeji: I hope ITZY and MIDZY always stay constant. Of course, we already are, but I wish that this relationship where we think and trust each other becomes stronger. 

Lia: Friendship among the members and also supporting each other with MIDZY. 

Ryujin: I hope our feelings for one another don’t change because I often get healed by the members during the group activities, which I hope continues. 

Chaeryeong: I hope ITZY’s teamwork continues to be just as strong as it is now! 

Yuna: Unbreakable heart! Instead of getting swayed by fluctuating emotions, I want to be strong and grow by focusing on people who trust me.

The ITZ MINE capsule collection is available now in stores and online.