By Yulia See

Le Sserafim Unveils Their First Studio Album

The up-and-coming K-pop girl group is back
The up and coming K-Pop girls, LE SSERAFIM are back
Photo: Courtesy of SOURCE MUSIC

Making their debut in the highly competitive K-pop scene just about a year back, rising girl group Le Sserafim—consisting of Kim Chaewon, Sakura, Huh Yujin, Kazuha and Hong Eunchae—are back once again. This time with their first ever studio album, UNFORGIVEN.

Recognising them as a force to be reckoned with, Le Sserafim is derived from an anagram of ‘IM FEARLESS’, a statement that the group’s concept is strongly embedded in. Their first EP release titled FEARLESS, was an expression of a desire to be the greatest, while their second EP, ANTIFRAGILE, was a portrayal of their unfading determination to never back down in the face of hardships. With their latest release, UNFORGIVEN tells the story of the girl group rising above the standards and paving their own path, one that only they are capable of walking. “UNFORGIVEN is our message to the world that we will together walk down the path we think is right, and we are not asking for forgiveness on the way from anyone in what we believe,” affirms the leader, Kim Chaewon, during the media showcase held ahead of the release.

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Complementing the album release, the quintet put out a cinematic music video for their lead single, UNFORGIVEN. Filmed in Thailand, the video boasts the group’s unmistakable synchronous choreography while simultaneously encapsulating each member’s individual confidence through their fiery facial expressions.

The lead single, sampled from the film The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from 1966 was accompanied by guitar riffs from the legendary Nile Rodgers who also produced the hit. The track fuses Hip-hop and Funk rhythm, creating a perfect blend to capture the group’s boundary-pushing passion.

Le Sserafim’s first studio album comprises of seven brand new tracks as well as hits from their previous EPs, coming together to weave their origin story.

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Photo: Courtesy of SOURCE MUSIC

The girl group also performed a few songs from their latest release in a comeback showcase held live and broadcasted an hour after its release. If you missed it, or you just want to watch it again (guilty!), the live show has been uploaded onto HYBE Labels’s official Youtube channel.

Ahead of the release, the group broke their own record with a career-high of 1.38 million pre-orders. Talk about wins!

The album has been on repeat for us, listen to it here.

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