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The Tooth Gems Trend Has Some Serious Bite: Here’s Why You Should Try It Out

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The Tooth Gems Trend Has Some Serious Bite
From instantly brightening your smile with some serious sparkle to adding a dazzling dash to your personal style, tooth gems have major bite.

Adding a twinkle to your smile—a process that includes a consultation and the application of the embellishments—takes just half an hour. Once done though, you have to wait one to three hours before ingesting anything acidic, hard or carbonated.

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The Tooth Gems Trend Has Some Serious Bite

Pretty as they are, the gems can trap food particles and cause plaque. Keep things shipshape by opting for an electric toothbrush with soft bristles and use on the low‐intensity setting to effectively dislodge said particles without affecting the jewels’ adhesivity.

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The Tooth Gems Trend Has Some Serious Bite

Tooth gems usually last one to 12 months, depending on your lifestyle habits. The best way to extend their longevity? Avoid smoking, drinking acidic drinks and vigorous brushing.

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The Tooth Gems Trend Has Some Serious Bite

There is every chance the tiny sparklers can fall off on their own. Instead of picking at any residual adhesive on the surface of the teeth, pencil in a visit to the dentist to completely remove any leftover gem glue without damaging the enamel.

Photographed by Jaya Khidir
Tooth Gem Technician Rebecca Chuang
Makeup Sha Shamsi, Using Dior Beauty
Photography Assistant Ivan Iskandar Padron Yassin