By Vanessa Ng

Guerlain Wants You To Embellish Your Skin With 24K Magic

Shiny, shimmery, skincare
Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain

The infusion of hyper-luxe ingredients in skincare routines, while novel, has been a longstanding practice in the beauty market. For those who view skin (the largest organ!) as their biggest asset, products with luxe synonymous ingredients–think caviar, white truffle, and gold–come at no surprise.

If you’re one to overindulge your complexion, find alliance with beauty alchemists Guerlain. As the maison enters its third decade since pioneering the gold-infused L’or Primer, they’re looking to redefine luxe skincare. Enter the world of Parure Gold 24K, where the digits bear more ascription than the karats of the prized element. Here, “24” extends to the triple benefits yielded from the new Parure Gold 24K primer–24 hour radiance, 24 hour continuous hydration, and of course, the the radiance emitted from its hint of 24 karat gold.

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Parure Gold 24K, S$122. Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain

To understand the Parure Gold primer is to understand the scientific benefits of gold as a skincare additive. Guerlain Makeup Creative Director, Violette Serrat, references the Japanese method of mending cracks with gold as an inspiration, stating: “I am very in love with the Kintsugi Japanese technique, because it is about something broken, we add gold to it and repair it, so it becomes even more precious.” Restorative and lightweight, gold additives have been widely discussed for their properties of calming, hydrating and oxygenising skin.

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A sensory gel texture imbued with 24K gold flakes and 98% naturally-derived ingredients, the perfecting primer acts to correct imperfections and smooth skin textures. Achieving an optimised, makeup-ready canvas, beauty looks built on the primer base will have boosted longevity and appearance. Further, the concentration of skincare-based compounds will work around the clock to better your skin barrier, ala Kintsugi technique. If gleaming, radiant skin is what you desire, look no further than the classics. After all, maybe the metaphor was wrong. Perhaps all that glitters is, truly, gold.

The Guerlain Parure Gold 24K (S$122) is available for purchase at all Guerlain retailers.