By Hannah Militano

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is All About Enhancing One’s Natural Beauty

The model and Rose Inc creates innovative, sustainable and clean makeup formulas
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Meet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the model and Rose Inc. founder, who is all about owning one’s natural beauty with her innovative, sustainable and clean makeup formulas. 

As a model, I’ve sat in makeup artists’ chairs since I entered this industry at 16 years old. Now, 19 years later, I have experienced hundreds, if not thousands, of beauty products firsthand and I know what I want. I’m truly committed and obsessive about learning about both products and techniques.

I launched Rose Inc. as an editorial site in 2018 with the intention to build a community of beauty enthusiasts and experts, and to cement my own authority and passion for both makeup and skincare products. Over the past few years, I have been able to study and review the data from my audience, which has provided vital insight and informed many decisions in the creation of the Rose Inc. product line. I’m constantly reading up on all aspects of the beauty industry, from formulations to packaging, trends, and data, along with the nitty gritty of business strategy required to run a beauty business. I have worked incredibly hard to create products I truly believe in.

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Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We believe in transparent ingredients, sustainable solutions, and high-performing, non-comedogenic formulations. I really started to hone in on clean beauty after my son was born in 2017. I felt there was so much confusion around what clean beauty really meant, and frankly, there were very few products that were truly innovative. What I really craved was a brand with best-in-class, innovative and luxury formulations that focused on products first and was also transparent. I wanted a brand that I could trust in their ethics as much as the performance of the product assortment.

I started by working closely with my product development team to align formulas and packaging. The formulas are all non- comedogenic and use powerful proprietary bioengineered botanical ingredients that are both good for you and the environment. Our moisturizing Squalane oil, for example, is created through a fascinating fermentation process. Packaging is also very important to me, which is why all of our products are either refillable or recyclable, and many use post- consumer recycled materials.

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Aside from continuing to innovate in the clean, sustainable beauty space, my goal for Rose Inc is to push the messaging of self- love and self-acceptance. Our makeup is beautiful and is meant to enhance one’s natural beauty, instead of hiding it. An essential part of my self-care routine is working out. I’ve been exercising all of my adult life. My mother has always been very active, and fitness focused. She became an aerobics teacher in the ‘90s, so I grew up watching her as my role model. My childhood was spent outdoors running around and being active, but when I moved to the city, I lost that. That’s when I started going to the gym and working out and I’ve done it ever since. It’s my meditation, the way I release.

I feel I’m truly beginning the next chapter of my career and that it’s day one every day! Founding Rose Inc. has not only been years in the making, but it also feels like my entire career has led me to this point and given me vast and unique experiences, education and the insight required to own this moment.

I’m still learning, and trust me, it isn’t always easy. My advice is to just accept the fact that you can’t be 100 percent “on” all the time and to give yourself some grace.

This article first appeared on Grazia International.

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