The Big Blue: Maison 21G Launches Three New Mediterranean-Inspired Blends

Dive into the sparkling scents from Maison 21G’s Mediterranean-inspired blends and escape your daily routine with their transportive appeal

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As the seasons change and the warmer months approach, many of us are seeking seductive and playful fragrances that also have a long-lasting freshness. The perfect ones transport us to a sun-kissed beach like the famous Mediterranean coast or a charming seaside town like Saint Tropez or the ones on the Amalfi coast.

Besides also being a rising trend this season, such scents are also a must-have in your wardrobe because they have a unique blend of notes that evoke a sense of carefree elegance and a natural seductive attitude. 

Maison 21G, also known as the House of Perfume Creation for all who seek freedom of expression, has created a collection of trendy Mediterranean-inspired blends that are perfect for the arrival of the warmer months.

Each is a combination of fresh, fruity, floral notes, and the sensuality of amber-woody notes, offering a refreshing and delightful scent for a vibrant and lively day. By embodying the spirit and lifestyle of the sunny coast, they are perfect for those who wish to escape their daily routine where each scent transports them to the seaside. 

The first fragrance, Fabulous Fig mixed with Fervent Fir Balsam, is a seductive and magnetic scent that combines fresh, sensual Mediterranean notes with mysterious, sweet and fruity balsamic scents. The result is a fragrance that has a unique sensuality while bringing to mind the simple pleasures of life like taking a nap in the shade of a fig tree on a sunny day.

This fragrance is perfect for those who fully embrace all the joys life has to offer but yet, have a laid-back spirit where they enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 

The second fragrance, Mimosa Mantra mixed with Bergamot Blast, is made for those who have a vibrant and lively personality. Like a person who is sparkling with optimism, the fragrance is a radiant and joyful one that combines honeyed floral and fresh marine notes with the juicy and zesty scent of Bergamot. It radiates joy and positivity like the open, hospitable and welcoming person who wears it.

Lastly, the third fragrance, Sage Supreme mixed with Ocean Odyssey, is an alluring fragrance that combines bright and refreshing aromatic sage with the fresh sea breeze of the Mediterranean sea. Capturing the limitless vibrancy and carefree freedom of the deep blue waters, the fragrance is perfect for those who have a free-spirited and adventurous personality where they find joy in exploring the sea and discovering new horizons.

Maison 21G’s Mediterranean scent creations are the perfect companions for those who embrace life with open arms. Each fragrance captures the unique spirit and lifestyle of the Mediterranean coast, offering a refreshing and delightful scent for a vibrant and lively day.

With these fragrances, you can escape the daily routine and feel refreshed by the Mediterranean vibe and versatile personality.

“As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we are excited to offer a new way of thinking about fragrance that is collaborative, sustainable, and personalised. Join our scent revolution and discover the power of creating a perfume that truly embodies the essence of your soul. With Maison 21G, you can be assured that every fragrance you create is sustainable, 100 per cent uniquely yours, and haute couture-inspired,” says Johanna Monange, the brand’s founder and CEO.

That is, in our opinion, a bright idea to try this season.

Step into a world of perfumery unlike any other. With an innovative approach to fragrance, Maison 21G is revolutionising the industry and empowering individuals to express themselves through scent. Whether you visit their experiential stores in MBS, Takashimaya, or Duxton for a fun and engaging creative experience, or book a private workshop to learn all the tips and tricks on perfume creation, or you create online on their experiential website, Maison 21G is dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind experience that is unmatched in the perfumery world.

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