The Wellness Code: This Holistic Haven In Bangkok Will Change The Way You Approach Wellness

With a well-rounded approach to health, Rakxa Integrative Wellness is the perfect destination to get back into the best shape of your life

Admittedly, when you’re looking for some rest and relaxation, Bangkok is not the first destination to come to mind. With its boisterous streets, delicious food and vibrant nightlife scene, it’s natural not to think of the City of Angels as a wellness destination. That’s something that Rakxa Integrative Wellness is setting out to change. Just an hour’s car ride from Suvarnabhumi Airport, the integrated wellness retreat is located on the lush Bang Krachao island, also known as Bangkok’s “Green Lung”.

Rakxa Integrative Wellness is located on the lush Bang Krachao island, also known as Bangkok’s “Green Lung”. Photo: Courtesy

Entering the property, you’re immediately greeted with a singing bowl ceremony to cleanse and centre you in the moment as you take in the expanse of the wonderfully tranquil reservoir. Right after, you’re whisked off to your villa, which, while designed with absolute comfort in mind, is also mindful of incorporating natural elements into its design ethos and allows the verdant greenery in through towering floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Welcome Pavilion. Photo: Courtesy

Rakxa offers several different programs, depending on your needs: the signature Rakxa Rebalance, Detox, Destress, Weight Management, Immunity Booster, Gut Health, Mobilisation, Personalised, and Well Relaxed. Each targets a specific health concern for visitors and they can be personalised and combined to suit your needs.

Every visit to Rakxa kicks off with a series of consultations. Photo: Courtesy

But regardless of your program, every visit kicks off with a series of consultations—first, a health and wellness advisor will meet with you to ascertain goals and plan your schedule at the retreat with you; then, a medical consultation at the Vitallife Centre with a doctor from Bumrungrad Hospital, one of Bangkok’s most famous medical institutions (specialising in gut health and anti-ageing, natch); and finally, a physical fitness consultation with the retreat’s in-house trainers and physiotherapists. The rigorousness of the consultations are a must to form a complete overview of your health and how Rakxa can help to improve it during your stay, we are told, and is beneficial in helping you understand your own health.

The signature program at Rakxa is its Rebalance program, which aims to bring the body and mind back into equilibrium through a series of massages, treatments, and activities. The six-day, five-night program is a comprehensive course in holistic healthcare, consisting of principles drawn from modern medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Thai Medicine and Ayurvedic approaches. 

A traditional Thai hair and scalp treatment. Photo: Courtesy

The treatments here focus a lot on bringing balance to your gut-mind axis—for example, the Zen Na Tai massage, which originates from Traditional Thai Medicine, focuses on massaging the abdomen and scalp to revitalise these key areas and enhance the connection between them. Energy healing is also available in the Rebalance program, with the inclusion of a Chakra Balancing treatment using Tibetan singing bowls to clear energy blockages and calm overactive chakra nodes.

Rakxa Jai is the heart of the wellness retreat, with most treatments, massages and therapies being carried out here. Photo: Courtesy
The Hydrotherapy Room in Rakxa Jai is not to be missed. Photo: Courtesy

Physical fitness and nutrition round out the program. Getting a workout in while you’re on a wellness retreat might not be a top priority, but a gentle Tai Chi class or Pranayama breathing exercise class is just the thing to soothe high-strung minds and promote better connections between your body and mind. Those looking for more active exertions can opt for a private suspension class, Pilates, yoga, personal training sessions, or join one of the morning activities at the Rakxa Gaya fitness centre to start your day off on the right note.

Relax by the infinity pool at Rakxa Gaya. Photo: Courtesy

The food here is also exceptional—taking inspiration from Thai and international cuisine, Rakxa’s in-house chefs work with the health and wellness advisors to prepare personalised fare that are both nutritious, while striving to be anti-inflammatory, in line with their belief that a healthy gut brings about a healthy mind and body. Local Thai flavours are also incorporated, finding their way into dishes such as the grilled seafood with Thai green curry served during lunch on one occasion, as well as a standout Khao Soi Gai that was rich but still healthy, we were assured. Also, lest you fear that the menu will be repetitive, chef Bansani Nawisamphan assured us, “Even if you stay with us for two weeks, you will not get the same thing on the menu.”

With such meticulous attention to every aspect of their guests’ overall health is it any wonder that Rakxa has drawn a gaggle of starry fans to their doors? Bold-faced names who have chosen to check in and hold events here have included British supermodel Kate Moss, who launched her new line of Cosmoss Sacred Mist Incense Sticks; and Dr Deepak Chopra, who hosted a “Life & Soul Longevity Retreat” earlier this year.

Kate Moss and Deepak Chopra at the launch of Cosmoss’s Sacred Mist Incense Sticks at Rakxa. Photo: Instagram / Cosmoss

Other guests that are drawn to Rakxa include Saudi royals, who have been known to stay for one to one and a half months at a time, regional visitors from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia, and even those from further afield like the Middle East and the United Kingdom, who are drawn by the the retreat’s medical facilities and all-encompassing wellness ethos.

Rakxa Cha, the tea house within the grounds of the wellness retreat. Photo: Courtesy

Up next, the retreat is planning for the launch of two brand-new presidential villas, as well the opening of Ukhao, a second restaurant on its property, which promises a more elevated dining experience by the waters of the lake. So is Bangkok set to become the next top-of-mind wellness destination in the region? Rakxa is certainly making strides to make that come true. 


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