Moonbathing? Kate Moss’s Favourite Wellness Hack

As Kate Moss approaches her 50th birthday, she has revealed her favourite wellness practice: Moonbathing

“I’m not turning 50. No, I don’t want to think about it,” Kate Moss declared during a recent interview.

The iconic model has admitted that she isn’t particularly thrilled about blowing out her 50 candles in January 2024.

When talking about the lifestyle she used to live, Moss shared, “I no longer enjoy that lifestyle. When I go out, I come home by midnight: that’s my limit.”

As her autobiographical film is about to come out, Kate Moss shares her favourite hack to keep her youthful appearance, despite the inevitable aging that comes with getting older.

What is Moonbathing? Kate Moss’s Preferred Wellness Practice

How Does Moonbathing Even Work?

Kate Moss revealed her approach to life and wellness has changed significantly since she left London to settle in the Oxfordshire countryside, north of the British capital.

After her move, she began the practice of moonbathing, which involves lying under the moonlight to absorb lunar energy with the aim of obtaining physical and mental well-being benefits.

According to beliefs, moonbathing can promote calmness, reflection, and a connection with nature. It can help us find inner peace and self-realization and open a path to balance, restoration, and love.

Despite the lack of concrete scientific evidence to prove its advantages, many people consider moonbathing a form of meditation or relaxation, capable of harnessing the energy and serenity of the moon for a moment of peace and tranquility.

Moss shared a bit more about her spiritual side, “I put all my crystals on a tray in the garden,” the model explained. She specified, “using the crystals, I cleanse my life of negative energy, charging it with positive energy.”

This article originally appeared on Grazia International