By Gladys Ng

From Hip-Hop To K-Pop: Korean Designer Saeminium’s Fresh Take On Grillz

Metal, gems and bling are in—for your teeth
Photo: Instagram / saeminium

In the dynamic world of K-pop where every detail counts, one name has been on everyone’s lips—and teeth. Meet Saeminium, the South Korean jewellery brand that’s been on the rise recently.

Emerging as a standout jewellery brand capturing attention with their designs, the South Korean designer Saemi has made a name for themselves by crafting custom metal accessories, particularly dental jewellery like grillz that have adorned the smiles of numerous K-pop stars.

Beyond grillz, the brand offers a range of metal accessories that push the boundaries of contemporary fashion. As the trend of unique, eye-catching jewellery continues to grow in the K-pop industry, Saeminium has positioned themselves at the forefront, blending craftsmanship with modern style to create pieces that resonate with both artists and fans alike. Below, we take a look at some of their standout designs.


Photo: Instagram / @saeminium

Saeminium’s creations have been featured in various K-pop music videos, such as Lisa’s Rockstar. The Blackpink member wears the metal adornment in the shape of a star featured in both her concept photo and music video for her latest solo single.

Chrome Fangs

Photo: Instagram / @saeminium

On the more traditional side of the westernised grillz, Saeminium does a fresh take on the blinged-out teeth jewellery. The full chrome two-piece set features a pair of fangs, giving it an extra edge.


Photo: Instagram / @saeminium

Besides the traditional dental jewellery, Saeminium makes unique pieces such as this customised thin face piece that NCT’s Ten dons. The armour-like piece connects down the face and wears like a traditional grill.

Cyber Sigilism

Photo: Instagram / @saeminium

Let’s not forget the cyber sigilism tattoo trend—one of Saeminium’s most popular designs. Here, Saeminium customises the design and makes it as an accessory instead, making accessorising as a baddie easy with almost no commitment.

Heart Braces

If you’re into the whole braces look without having the need to have one—these grillz will definitely be up your alley. They look identical to braces but, with an option of taking things up a notch by adding different coloured gems like stars or hearts to elevate it.


Photo: Instagram / @saeminium

Influencer Siickbrain sports a thorn-looking grill that goes across her teeth. Simple and yet super sick, these might just be one of my favourites to elevate any look.


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