By Carlyn Soo

All The Standout Beauty Looks From Aespa’s Armageddon MV

When it comes to experimental beauty looks, Aespa takes it to the next level
Photo: Aespa

Following the success of Supernova, K-pop powerhouse Aespa dropped their first full-length album, Armageddon, along with a brand new music video for their second title track of the same name on 27 May. Ahead of its release, the girl group released an analogue-horror-inspired teaser that left fans buzzing with excitement for what’s to come. This isn’t the first time the quartet has experimented with their concepts, and the music video was undeniably a visual treat. The song is described to be a hip-hop dance anthem that fuses elements of powerful synth bass with catchy old-school vibes.

From what we’ve gleaned from the music video, Aespa is diving deeper into its multiverse concept. Karina mentions that that the song revolves around ‘finding myself in the multiverse’, with lyrics conveying the message of encountering different versions of oneself across different realms and evolving into a completed self. This explains the array of distinct looks showcased by each member in the music video, which we’ll be breaking down below.

Baby Bangs

Photo: Aespa

Right off the bat, Karina stole the spotlight as the face of the group with her mesmerising visuals and dynamic rap in the opening scene. She stuck to her long black tresses as seen in Supernova but there was a new twist: she’s rocking micro-bangs now. Pulling off such a bold hairstyle isn’t easy, but Aespa’s leader made it look effortless.

Going Punk

Photo: Aespa

From sleek leather jackets to black combat boots, the girls are leaning towards an edgier aesthetic this comeback. Winter fully embraced her inner punk for Armageddon. With piercings adorning both her philtrum and lip, she instantly added edge to her look. She then styled her bleached blonde hair into baby braids that brought out her rebellious vibe.

Siren Calls

Photo: Aespa

Looks like the wet hair trend is back in style. Ning Ning effortlessly channelled the allure of a siren with her tousled, wet waves as she posed against the backdrop of a waterfall display. Her ethereal makeup featuring dewy glass skin, shimmery face glitter and a glossy pout served to complement the wet look perfectly.

Blush For Days

Photo: Aespa

We’ve all heard of the viral one lipstick makeup trend, but what about the one blush hack? Here, Karina showed us how it’s done, using the very same product as a blush, eye shadow and highlighter. The pink hue is applied on the tip of her nose, the apples of her cheek and lastly on the outer eye lids, imparting a brightening effect, all thanks to its cool-toned pigment.

Cyberpunk Queen

Photo: Aespa

Once again, Aespa is back at it again with their cyberpunk fashion. In the music video, the girls wore a variety of ornate head accessories that were designed by Yu Seung Hwi. Giselle sported a breathtaking futuristic head piece that was a feast for the eyes.

Dramatic Nails

Photo: Aespa

When it comes to nail art, Aespa always takes it to the next level. The girls are always rocking the most imaginative nail designs in their stage performances. This time, Ning Ning flaunted her metallic grunge nails by nail artist Breath Nailz, known for their three-dimensional avant-garde designs. Adding a touch of drama, the vocalist also wore an intricate crystal-studded eye patch designed by Min Seong.

Mismatched Contact Lens

Photo: Aespa

Mismatched coloured contacts has been a trend among K-pop over the years and Ning Ning offered her take on the look. Keeping to their avatar concept, she sported red and blue contacts that gave her a distinctly humanoid appearance.

Ice Princess

Photo: Aespa

For a experimental look that’s sure to turn heads, white mascara is the way to go. Winter did just that: she applied white mascara over her lashes and highlighted her aegyo-sal with shimmery pink eye shadow to make her eyes pop.


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