10 Best Tu Tontawan Style Moments

If you have not heard of Thai actress and fashionista Tu Tontawan, now is the time to get to know her. These are some of her best looks
Tu Tontawan with her left hand on her face, posing for the camera.

If you have not heard of the up-and-coming fashion icon Tu Tontawan, now is the time to learn more about her. With a trendy and glamorous sense of fashion, Tu Tontawan’s styles can be taken as inspiration for a casual day trip or romantic night out. As GRAZIA Singapore celebrates the launch of its first issue, starring Tontawan, we take a look at 10 best Tu Tontawan style moments.

1. Simple Meets Grunge

Tu Tontawan wearing a grey crop top and low waisted brown leather skirt, posing in front of a wooden wall.
Photo: Courtesy of her Instagram /@tontawan

Tontawan pairs her grey cotton crop top with a long low-waisted brown leather skirt, accentuating her slim figure. Together with light brown leather boots, she ingeniously combines simplistic with grunge, creating a Tu Tontawan style moment ready for the runway.

2. Pretty In Pink

Tu Tontawan wearing a pink beanie, crop top and skirt posing in front of a white wall.
Photo: Courtesy of her Instagram /@tontawan

Clothing trends may come and go, but pink is here to stay. Tontawan sports a bright pink beanie and tie-dyed crop top, with iridescent chunky pink boots for the wow-factor. Additionally, she wears her pink with a blue denim skirt and black cardigan to balance out her look.

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3. Patchwork Patterns

Tu Tontawan wearing a patchwork top, eating ice cream and smiling in front of a traditional shop.
Photo: Courtesy of her Instagram /@tontawan

Another one of Tu Tontawan’s styles involve a loose-fitting patchwork shirt which brightens up her look during a casual day trip. Together with plain off-white bottoms giving her style a touch of minimalism, she manages to look effortlessly trendy.

4. Preppy Plaid Style

Tu Tontawan wearing a red plaid dress and jeans, sitting on a window ledge outside a shop.
Photo: Courtesy of her Instagram /@tontawan

The plaid style in back in fashion for Winter 2023 and Tontawan pulls off this red plaid dress perfectly, pairing it with some jeans for a laid-back look. This plaid dress is incredibly versatile, and can be dressed up by wearing it with heels for a formal night out.

5. The Schoolgirl Aesthetic

Tu Tontawan wearing a beanie and schoolgirl top posing in front of a mall.
Photo: Courtesy of her Instagram /@tontawan

Here, the Tu Tontawan style icon wears a sweater with #schoolgirl vibes, spotlighting her youthfulness. She also carries a bright pink handbag, adding a pop of colour to her outfit. While this style may not be for everyone, adding a tweed beanie to the outfit like Tontawan helps to elongate the face, including a mature side to the outfit.

6. The Rebel Student

One of Tu Tontawan's styles involve her wearing a loose tie and grey blazer with pigtails.
Photo: Courtesy of her Instagram /@tontawan

Taking the schoolgirl aesthetic to a whole new level, Tontawan flaunts her rebel side with a loosely tied necktie, over a red top, white tennis skirt and oversized blazer. By wearing her outfit with winged eyeliner and pigtails, she stars at the camera defiantly, as if to say to all her teachers, “Look at me now”. If you want a look that is more casual, consider wearing a shorter tie and crop grey blazer instead.

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7. The Swan Lake Princess

A celebrity wearing with a white blazer dress, posing in her hotel room.
Photo: Courtesy of her Instagram /@tontawan

When Tontawan decides to glam it up, she goes all out, appearing in this cream white luxury blazer dress with a flowy tutu skirt, reminiscent of the princess of swan lake. To create a luxurious look, she dials down her hair and jewellery, tying her hair up in a simple bun and wearing simple pearl ear studs.

8. Sexy Beach Vibes

A celebrity with a flower in her hair, sleeveless crop top and shorts on the beach.
Photo: Courtesy of her Instagram /@tontawan

A genuine and playful Tu Tontawan style moment is this pretty ruffled cropped tee, with high-waisted denim shorts. The colours of the water and sand, Tontawan’s outfit matches the the beauty of the beach, bringing fresh and fun to her style.

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9. Lace and Feminity

A celebrity wearing a pink shirt with sleeves, turning her head to the side and laughing at a cafe.
Photo: Courtesy of her Instagram /@tontawan

In this look, Tontawan wears a sweet pink top that is embroidered and sewed with lace patterns. The slightly higher crop cut-out together with the Victorian-inspired sleeves gives the top an airy, relaxed fit. Pair this top with a jacket this season for added warmth.

10. The Fairy Queen

One of Tu Tontawan's styles involve wearing a pink formal dress, posing in front of some brown curtains.
Photo: Courtesy of her Instagram /@tontawan

Tontawan looks like she could be a queen of her own fairy garden with this style, wearing a A-line formal gown carefully embroidered with the most beautiful silver flowers. The large ribbon appliques at the top of the dress adds a flirty and playful finish.