10 Of Tu Tontawan’s Best Beauty Moments

10's across the board.
10 Of Tu Tontawan's Best Beauty Moments
Photo Credit: Instagram / @tontawan

Who among us hasn’t taken one of Tontawan’s Instagram beauty looks as inspiration for our own at some point? With a clean-girl aesthetic that focuses on highlighting her best features like her pouty lips radiant complexion and soft brows, the look is achievable for us too who live paparazzi-free lives.

As we celebrate the launch of our first issue starring Tontawan, we take a look at 10 of her best beauty moments.

1. The Perfect Pout

Tontawan’s lips are always shaded in either intense hues or a my-lips-but-better tint but one thing that is consistent is that she always matches her blush colour to her lips for a natural look. Her application of gloss too along the outer perimeter of the lips gives her perfect pair even more fullness.

2. Softly Tousled Waves

Hair trends might come, but soft waves never go out of style. Tontawan frequently sports this breezy but chic hairstyle: loose-textured waves that are not quite straight but more low-key than a perm. To achieve it, simply curl your strands away from your face and brush through to create a relaxed style.

3. The Individual Lash Look

For a beauty look that is slightly more editorial, Tontawan sometimes opts for individual lash extensions that are spaced out for a feline look. While you can request the same from your lash technician, the pros are that it gives a fuller look but the cons are that it’s often costlier than just applying a single strip.

4. Unperfect Brows

Less is often more with Tontawan’s beauty looks and when she emphasises parts of her face like the lips and lashes, she does a subdued look for the rest of her face. For her eyebrows, she often doesn’t fill them in and prefers instead to just comb them in the same direction. If yours aren’t as full, use a powder to achieve a similar feathery look.

5. The Bitten Lower Lip

A look that suggests that Tontawan has been biting her lower lip as it does flirtatiousness and playfulness, one of her key beauty looks is the application of a darker shade on the inside of her lower lips. To make the look more natural, use a lipstick colour that’s darker than the shade you’re using but with a brown undertone.

6. Complete Colour Coordination

Even when Tontawan decides to glam it up, she prefers to keep it low-key by matching the colours on her face. She frequently avoids opaque finishes by going for light washes of similar colours on her eyes, lips, and face while providing definition by using a different texture for each and adding black eyeliner for contrast.

7. The Cold Girl Look

The viral cold girl look from 2022 still has some heat in 2023 and Tontawan perfectly pulls it off by applying it high up on the face with a product that gives a matte finish. As what we mentioned, it looks more realistic if a matte product is used (cold weather often dries the skin out) and if it has a pink shade to it with a red undertone.

8. Glazing Over

A tasty term that describes plump and dewy skin, Tontawan often chooses to highlight her cheeks and brow bone with a product that gives a glazed-doughnut like sheen. While the look is achievable by layering hydrating serums till the sheen appears, you can either mimic the look by pressing a day oil onto the skin or highlighters that have no shimmers.

9. Blush Draping

It might seem strange to contour using blush (the TikTok term however, is called blush draping) but if you do it like Tontawan where it’s gently swept from the side of the temples down to the cheeks, it brings definition to the face while looking more youthful than a flat contour. You can use either a powder or cream product but the former usually gives you more control.

10. The Volumising Pigtails

Less severe looking than a ponytail and kinder to the hair than pulling it into a top knot, Tontawan frequently ties things up into a pair of pigtails to mimic her cute girl-next-door look. If you want a look that looks less twee, add some volume to the crown by teasing it with a comb or just do it in a hurry: it looks fresher the less you fuss over it.

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