By Carlyn Soo

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Shop At Boutique Fairs Singapore 2024

These brands are leading the change towards a greener future through their upcycling and repurposing efforts
Photo: Re-store

Mark your calendars because Singapore’s largest shopping event will be making a comeback this weekend. Boutique Fairs Singapore will span across three days, showcasing over 300 small local brands ranging from fashion, accessories, home decor, lifestyle and children’s products. This exciting event will take place from 26 to 28 April 2024 at the F1 Pit Building.

Over 80 per cent of the brands presented at the event are socially-conscious and practise ethical or sustainable fashion. In honour of Earth Month, GRAZIA Singapore spotlights six sustainable fashion brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore that we have on our radar. Through their ingenious upcycling and repurposing efforts, they are leading the change towards a greener future.

1. Syne Studio 

After departing from the fast fashion industry, duo designers Ian Sam and Eshton Chua founded Syne Studio with a mission to explore innovative solutions to reduce textile waste. Syne Studio focuses on giving discarded clothing a new lease of life by upcycling kimonos sourced from Japan. The brand added a contemporary twist to kimonos by transforming these traditional garments into versatile outerwear that can be effortlessly styled with casual attires.


2. Re-store

Re-Store presents a collection of meticulously crafted accessories, all designed with the thoughtful consideration of promoting sustainable living while uplifting marginalised communities. The brand’s unwavering commitment to a circular economy is evident through its production process of using 80 per cent upcycled materials. Create your very own personalised tote bag or bucket hat by reserving a slot at its Design-Your-Own bar that will be launching exclusively at the Boutique Fairs Singapore.


3. Rêve de Chella

Rêve de Chella is a resort-wear brand that is passionate about preserving the environment and honouring cultures. As a Filipino who grew up in Singapore, founder Janschel Saldaña Pagadora was exposed to a diverse mix of cultures which fostered a sense of deep cultural appreciation in her. Just last month, the brand unveiled its debut collection of reversible swimwear featuring Filipino-inspired prints that celebrates the founder’s cultural heritage. Each swimwear style is fashioned from premium recycled fabrics and intentionally designed without hardware to ease recycling efforts.


4. Blue Atelier

Blue Atelier merges the fashion codes of Singapore and France to deliver comfortable, durable and feminine swimwear. The brand’s swimsuits are exclusively made from Econyl, a sustainable material derived from collected waste like fishing nets, plastic bottles, and fabric scraps, which are then melted down into plastic chips and transformed into high-quality nylon fabrics.


5. Kibo

Kibo was founded in 2020 by couple Simon and Natalie Chow who were on a mission to make a positive change on the environment and its people. Kibo translates to “hope and second chances” in Japanese, which perfectly describes a brand that repurposes wastes into stylish sneakers. These sneakers are crafted from leather trimmings, plastic bottles and other natural substances. The Apple Leather Collection presents a range of plant-based and vegan-friendly sneakers crafted from faux leather derived from waste generated by the apple juicing industry.


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