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Breaking Down Aespa’s Best Fashion Moments In Armageddon and Supernova

Once again, K-pop sensation Aespa wowed us with their impeccable fashion sense
Photo: Aespa

After much anticipation, K-pop sensation Aespa finally dropped the music video for Armageddon, on 27 May. This marks the girl group’s first full-length album in their four-year career, presenting 10 fresh new tracks ranging from experimental hip hop beats to energetic pop tunes and heartfelt ballads. Impressively, the group has already seen success even before the release of the album, with Armageddon amassing over 1 million pre-orders and Supernova, the first of their double title track, achieving a perfect-all-kill on the Melon charts.

Beyond the captivating beats of Armageddon, it was Aespa’s revolutionary concept and breathtaking visuals that blew us away. Their stunning concept photos showcased looks straight from the runways of Dion Lee and Rick Owens, complemented by an array of imaginative wearable art from fellow South Korean artists. Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ning Ning aren’t just trailblazers in K-pop music; they’re also influencers in the fashion realm. Ahead, GRAZIA Singapore takes a deep dive into Aespa’s standout fashion moments this comeback.

Micro Shorts

Photo: Aespa

Forget micro mini skirts, tiny shorts are all the rage this season. As seen on the Spring/Summer runway of Chloé, Chanel and Gucci, it was only a matter of time before micro shorts entered the conversation. In the music video of Armageddon, Karina rocked a pair of tiny black leather shorts from Generation Kiss paired with a cropped graphic tee that showcased her toned midriff. She then threw on a reptile leather jacket from Dion Lee, slipped into knee-high combat boots from Poster Girl, and adorned her neck with a studded leather choker from Acne Studios.

Avant-Garde Dress

Photo: Aespa

One thing for sure is that Armageddon has brought forth some of the best fashion we’ve witnessed in K-pop in years. Just take a look at Giselle’s avant-garde ensemble, defined by bold leather silhouettes from Rick Owens. First unveiled on the Spring/Summer 2024 runway, the look featured a cropped motorcycle jacket with prominent shoulder pads and a maxi leather skirt.

Streetwear Ensemble

Photo: Aespa

For the concept photos of Armageddon, Karina’s look was plucked straight from the runway of Dion Lee’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The streetwear-coded ensemble featured a lace-up corset with matching bottoms and a grey cargo hoodie. The highlight of her look was undeniably her choice of footwear: a pair of statement knee-high boots boasting a slouchy silhouette and a pocket detailing.

Acubi Style

Photo: Aespa

Ning Ning and Winter delivered their best interpretation of acubi fashion, marked by a unique mix of minimalism and Y2K. Decked out in edgy all-black ensembles, Aespa’s vocalists sported subversive basic tops styled with statement metal accessories.

Maximalist Fashion

Photo: Aespa

When it comes to maximalist fashion, there’s no such thing as too much colour, texture or pattern and Giselle has nailed every aspect of it. Aespa’s main rapper effortlessly pulled off a completely mismatched outfit featuring an orange bodysuit, blue tie-dye trousers and the most outlandish pair of fur boots.

Feminine Charm

Photo: Aespa

While Armageddon leaned into a darker colour palette, Supernova was all about vibrant hues and bold patterns. Ning Ning brought out her feminine charm with plenty of playful accessories: a star-shaped bag, a pair of pink knee-high boots with silver star embellishments and star hair clips.

Bubble Skirt

Photo: Aespa

Winter tapped into one of summer’s hottest emerging trends: the bubble skirt. Seen fresh off the runway of Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2025 collection, puffy skirts are poised to take the fashion world by storm in the upcoming months. Aespa’s vocalist embraced the trend with a pink bubble minidress from Ottolinger’s Resort 2024 collection, featuring a metallic cloud-like skirt that lent a futuristic edge to her ensemble. She completed the look with anemone-inspired rings and bangles from MMWD.

Cyberpunk Fashion

Photo: Aespa

On the topic of cyberpunk fashion, Aespa immediately springs to mind. In line with their metaverse concept, the group has continually integrated futuristic elements into their stage attire. Here, Karina rocked a blue leather top with cut-outs paired with matching holographic bottoms.


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