It’s Giving Season! The Blaque Coven On Staying Creative Together, Year-End Traditions And Their Favourite Memories As A Group

Creative couples, collaborators and families—in every sense of the word—share how they strengthen personal connections and keep the spark alive
From left: Eliza Blaque, Blaque Maharaja, Salome Blaque, Blaque Jan, Lilith Blaque, Ada Blaque Heart

What have been the highlights and the most challenging moments of your journey as a creative unit?

Salome Blaque (SB): A highlight would be the night I debuted the kids—that was the most challenging moment for us as well—scheduling them for rehearsals while figuring out how to creatively showcase their different styles and talents within a 45-minute show. Also, the pressure from the community and other drag mothers because the local drag scene is very competitive!

How would you describe your team dynamics? How has that changed over time?

Blaque Jan (BJ): Regardless of compliments or constructive feedback, we are all very straightforward and honest, and while the Blaque Coven has more members now, all of us are still closely united and I would say our dynamic is ughhmazing!

Lilith Blaque (LB): Everyone has their demons to battle with and it can be tough when everyone is happy while you’re not. We are a unit as a coven and are each other’s chosen family, so when one minion is in some sort of hardship, we try to help one another in any way we can.

Blaque Maharaja (BM): A traditional, dysfunctional, loving house. They will literally read you and that’s our love language. But when it comes to work, we put the jokes aside because everyone is ready to give their best. Nothing less than a 100 is given from them—I assure you.

How do you complement one another? What have you learned from each other?

Eliza Blaque (EB): We offer assistance any time by sharing our know-how, like makeup or sewing techniques, and understanding what an individual requires. This makes the dream work. Each one of us is more knowledgeable in certain skills and that is exactly how we learn from one another and hone these skills at the same time.

Ada Blaque Heart (ABH): We are very upfront with our compliments or feedback so we have learnt to be open with constructive feedback. That’s the best way to learn as all of us have the same headspace one way or another which makes the dynamics so amazing.

How do you stay creative together?

SB: I can safely say that we’re the only drag house that comprises so many creatives, like show producers, stylists, designers, makeup artists, hair stylists … the list goes on. But, we attend other parties or drag shows together to learn what and what not to do when we do a debrief the day after with our input and take it from there for our next show.

BM: I think we’re all individually gifted because of our upbringing and we use this gift to inspire each other. I’m not saying we had it tough but we’ve all found a way to express our life struggles by turning them into a talent that we have at our fingertips and encouraging each other to do so.

What is your favourite memory together?

SB: I don’t have a favourite memory of us together because every moment is so special to me, but the ones of the whole house laughing or crying together are very special.

BJ: It was when we performed as a house at The Ritual 666 Catchusmoveparty! We compromised with each other’s time with meetings for the whole production but we were still always supportive and uplifting of each other.

What are your year-end traditions or routines? What meaning do they hold for you?

ABH: As the newest house member, I have to ask: what is the plan this year? [laughs]

LB: We’re all busy people with our own lives and most of us have different schedules but we’ll try to set a date to have dinner or drinks, or even both if we’re feeling it. We’ll be catching up with each other, and talk about our plans as a coven and kiki as usual.

SB: The house was created five years ago but this year will be the first time we are celebrating it as a complete family. I’m expecting it to revolve around food. [laughs]

Is there anything you’re planning to do differently this year compared to past years, for yourself and one another, and why?

LB: I feel that we should gather as a family and welcome the new year together for the first time. Spending time with family means a lot to me and we’ve always been there for each other through moments of sadness or happiness.

BJ: The Blaque Coven was one of the houses that I wanted to join when I first started drag and Salome Blaque is the person I look up to, so they hold a very special place in my heart. I only hope to continue to grow and inspire my sisters.

Photography JAYA KHIDIR
Art direction MARISA XIN