It’s Giving Season! Bessie Ye & Daryll Alexius Yeo On Being A Creative Unit, The Highlights Of Working With Friends And Gift-Giving Strategies

Creative couples, collaborators and families—in every sense of the word—share how they strengthen personal connections and keep the spark alive

How did your journey as creative partners begin?

Bessie Ye (BY): It all began in the early years when I first started Rye seven years ago. I fondly recall casually approaching Daryll to pick his brain on everything related to our fashion editorials, styling, and the creation of compelling visual stories. One thing led to another and evolved into weekly sessions with him. When we come together, we intuitively start discussing what’s next, and it feels instinctual and natural. I can’t find a better support and partner to ideate with and continue to grow creatively. Daryll’s forethought and wisdom are the cornerstones of the brand’s growth, and I am forever grateful to have someone who understands me so well to work alongside. I still feel a surge of excitement every time we work together!

Daryll Alexius Yeo (DAY): Bessie roped me into her world of ideas and vision pretty much when she first launched it. What started as friendly styling advice at the beginning, eventually turned into a full-on curation of editing, consultation and project management for the brand. The creative dynamic between us has always instinctively felt natural, and continues to remain inquisitive and inspiring today. It’s been extremely exciting to watch her expand and grow Rye alongside her.

What have been the highlights of your working relationship?

DAY: There have been a couple of noteworthy moments working together, but I think a milestone for me personally is creatively directing and styling our Pride campaign titled “Come Together”, this year in June. This campaign holds a special place in my heart (and possibly my most important one to date) because it was genuinely done to celebrate and shine a light on diverse individuals within the local LGBTQIA+ community. Bessie has always been a vocal ally, so being given the trust to embrace this narrative with Rye was done with the utmost intention to celebrate the profound significance of LGBTQIA+ visibility in Singapore—a topic, in my opinion, most local fashion brands shy away from.

How do you complement one another? What have you learned from one another?

BY: Daryll’s attention to detail is something I’ve always admired. While we share a similar taste in design, our different skill sets complement each other well. It’s rare to find a work dynamic where we can have fun together and, at the same time, efficiently get work done.

DAY: We have similar tastes when it comes to our appreciation for fashion, design, culture and art. Our aesthetics are intertwined and communicated seamlessly from the way we consume and execute our craft. In that sense, I believe we continue to evolve as we inspire one another regularly to become better versions of our creative selves.

What does it take to be a creative unit?

BY: Trust, open communication and intuition are integral components on the path to creativity. Unravelling the unknown requires chemistry and foresight to think alike, and to work together seamlessly.

DAY: Chemistry, intuition and heart. Ultimately, being a creative unit means allowing each other to express themselves wholeheartedly with little to no disclaimers.

What are your year-end traditions or routines? What meaning do they hold for you?

DAY: We don’t have any fixed year-end traditions per se, but I believe we do spend a lot of time curating experiences for our close friends and loved ones with festive parties we host and entertain individually on our own, or collectively. It’s something that we both enjoy thoroughly.

Is there anything you’re planning to do differently this year compared to past years, for yourself and one another, and why?

BY: I believe Daryll and I have established a good momentum and synergy in our working relationship, constantly challenging and pushing each other to stay ahead and venture out of our comfort zones. We are excited about the upcoming year and eager to find ways to stretch our creative minds.

What are your gift-giving strategies?

BY: For me, I like to hunt for something unique and fun—typically not the things you’d buy for yourself or that are practical. Something that reflects the personalities and tastes of both the gifter and the giftee is always on my mind.

DAY: For the season of gifting, I like to spoil my loved ones with something extravagant. Sometimes the best gifts are things a person would never buy for themselves because they seem frivolous or unnecessary. But that’s the point, right? It’s a gift that makes that person feel valued and special.

What is your favourite memory together?

BY: That’s a tough one! To name a few memorable moments, our friends decided to throw Daryll a surprise party, and we organised a very elaborate Japanese hand roll party for him which he was so amazed by. Another classic story is when we first met on the dance floor, moving to the beats of Shinichi Osawa. From that moment on, across the dancefloor, we knew we had a shared common interest and were onto something special. We were excited for our friendship to bloom and to hang out more!

Photography JAYA KHIDIR
Art direction MARISA XIN
Photography assistant CHUEN KAH JUN