By Vanessa Ng

Disney+ Invites You To Get Up Close And Personal With J-hope Of BTS

A look into the multi-faceted star
Photo: Courtesy of Disney+

As dancer, singer, rapper, music producer, and as of late, brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton, BTS’s J-Hope wears many hats. But J-hope is a character, an extension of Jeong Hoseok’s ever-evolving persona. Ahead of his next solo single release (rumoured to a pre-enlistment adieu), get a glimpse of the man as a whole with Disney+ documentary, J-hope In The Box. A refreshingly candid take on his creative processes behind formulating Jack In The Box, the documentary takes its audience through 200 days of producing and launching the album.

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Photo: Courtesy of Disney+

A creative by nature, J-Hope has been credited for the production of several of the septet’s songs. Beyond that, the lead dancer is known amongst fans for his precision and flow in dance and rap. Unsurprisingly, when the band announced a slew of solo projects in 2022, J-Hope’s was among the first to come up.

Since his debut nine years ago, he’s always embodied a sunshine role within the group, labelled by fans as their “hope”. Yet, while he’s metaphorically channelled “hope” for his previous mixtape, Hope World, his latest solo project serves to subvert the message. Where the sunshine spirit of his J-hope persona took centre stage in his 2019 release, his latest album channels other facets of Jeong Hoseok.

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Photo: Courtesy of Disney+

The documentary candidly features the K-pop figurehead in a different light, a stark contrast to the curated content released under his group’s belt. Introspection is the essence of Jack In The Box, as J-hope puts his own spin to the Pandora’s Box allegory. If the central moral lesson of the myth is curiosity kills the cat, then Jung’s version serves to echo the trade-offs of following one’s passion. The documentary complements this vision to a tee, offering an unfettered lens of the grunt work and self-critique that Jung channels into his work.

Akin to a graceful swan gliding through the water but tirelessly paddling away beneath, the behind-the-scenes film highlights this distinction of public and private. J-Hope’s debut headliner act at Lollapalooza is the icing on the cake for any fan. Viewers can anticipate a recap of the South Korean’s signature polished moves and regimental synchrony, all in 4K.

For front-row seats to the mind and method of J-hope, catch J-hope In The Box, now streaming on Disney+.