The Wonyoung Effect Is Real: See The Exact Products Used By Her Makeup Artist To Achieve Her Dolly Look

These are the holy grail products Wonyoung's makeup artist swears by...
Photo: Instagram / @for_everyoung10

She’s beauty, she’s grace, and she also happens to be a Miu Miu girl—we’re referring to none other that the It-girl of the moment, IVE‘s Wonyoung. It’s hard to believe the idol has yet to hit her twenties (yes, she’s in fact, nineteen years old), considering her ethereal visuals and doll-like features, it’s no wonder why TikTok is obsessed with her. Coining the term ‘the Wonyoung effect’, the trend stems from the pursuit of the goddess-like perfection that the idol embodies. In a nutshell, the Wonyoung effect is all about self-care, from skincare, to makeup and fitness—think: what would Wonyoung do? Her status as K-pop’s It girl has fans in a chokehold, inspiring fans to honour their highest self by being that girl. It may seem like yet another baseless trend, but the way we see it, it’s a testament to Wonyoung’s star power.

That said, the Wonyoung effect also spreads to the idol’s beauty routine—often a topic of discussion online thanks to her immaculate makeup looks. K-beauty is no stranger to the Internet, but what really sets Wonyoung apart from the other K-pop beauty looks out there is how natural it looks, and the way her makeup perfectly accentuates her dolly features. The hallmarks of a Jang Wonyoung makeup look? Doe eyes, rosy cheeks and of course, the glossy lips that shines bright on and off the stage.

With IVE’s recent comeback ‘Baddie’, we’re once again being blessed with a range of comeback looks—and it’s evident that Wonyoung’s makeup artist has the idol’s signature look perfected. With Wonyoung’s flawless makeup making its rounds on the internet, influencers and beauty gurus have been flocking to the idol’s makeup studio Oui Oui Atelier in Seoul to experience the Wonyoung effect for themselves. With that, we had our eyes peeled on the specific products used to give Wonyoung’s lips that high shine finish and beaming doe eyes.

Below, we ID-ed all the tried and tested products by Wonyoung’s makeup artist, so you can easily re-create Wonyoung’s signature look.