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Here Are 4 Things To Know About K-Pop Prom Queens IVE

IVE recently dropped their first studio album I've Ive months ago, with pre-release single Kitsch and lead single I Am
Photo: Courtesy of Starship Entertainment

K-pop prom queens, as they have aptly named themselves, are coming to Singapore for their fan concert. IVE is playing their first Singapore show on 30 Jun at The Star Theatre.

And here are four things to know about the sextet ahead of their sold-out fan concert.

1. IVE’s highly-anticipated debut

Two out of the six members in IVE, Wonyoung and Yujin, were previously contestants of idol survival programme, Produce 48 (2018). They went on to clinch first and fifth place respectively in the competition and made it into the now-defunct IZ*ONE.

IZ*ONE went on to win numerous awards like Best New Female Artist at the MAMA Awards, further propelling the group’s popularity during its heydays.

After their disbandment in 2021, fans were anticipating a new girl group by Starship Entertainment after Sistar’s huge success.

And that excitement heightened with Wonyoung and Yujin in the line-up.

2. IVE’s Perfect all-kill record

IVE’s recent single Kitsch (2023) was coined as a perfect all-kill song.

A perfect all-kill song in the K-pop sphere simply means that it tops music chart ranking aggregator iCharts. It aggregates rankings of major music streaming services like Melon, Genie, Bugs!, Vibe, Flo, and YouTube Music.

It’s a huge feat, considering how the girls only debuted in 2021 and are in the early stages of their careers.

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3. The meaning behind IVE?

The group’s name, IVE, really just stands for I’ve, or I Have, in full.

Put simply, they are confident to exhibit their confident side to the public and show fans what they’ve got in them. They aim to portray themselves as a team that’s already in its complete form, rather than a growing girl group, per Sports Chosun.

And it seems like the girls are successful in doing so thus far.

4. IVE has their very own pop-up store

Less than two years into their debut, IVE has got their own pop-up store.

Together with their “mini-me” group MINIVE, they opened a pop-up store in Seoul. The MINIVE characters series are cartoonish versions of the members, and there are six of them in total.

At the pop-up store, fans can find collectible merchandise including plush dolls, keyrings, cushions and even photocard binders.

The pop-up store runs for about a fortnight from 22 Jun (Thu) to 5 Jul (Wed), at The Hyundai Seoul B2 pop-up iconic space.

The members have also made a trip down to check out the pop-up store for themselves.

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