Tried & Tested: We Tried TrichoLab’s TrichoLuxe Heavenly Head Spa And Here’s What We Thought

A bespoke 90-minute indulgence to combat all your hair woes
Photo: Courtesy of TrichoLab

It doesn’t matter if your hair is untouched or if it’s been bleached countless times, even the most perfect haircare routines still need a bit of a boost. Oftentimes, the condition of our scalp is impacted by our genes or by other elements outside of our control. External environmental pollutants, excessive exposure to heat or prolonged stress can play a massive role in the health of our heads.

That’s where the innovative prowess of TrichoLab comes in. With the hair salon’s new nourishing and reparative TrichoLuxe Heavenly Head Spa, you can improve the overall condition of your scalp and hair through a 90-minute session with their haircare professionals. Based on the four elements—Earth, Fire, Water and Air—, the TrichoLuxe experience is aimed to help with a slew of different hair concerns, including dryness, scalp sensitivity and dullness.

Photo: Courtesy of TrichoLab

From the get-go, you’re welcomed into the hair salon’s new playground at Wheelock Place, the brand’s newest facility that’s been refreshed to feature a calming, light pink palette. During my visit, the staff seated me down with a cup of tea, while I filled out a form answering basic questions about existing medical conditions and my own understanding of my hair’s health. Shortly after was the scalp examination for the therapist to identify the key problem areas, and get a better look at what she was working with.

After the initial consultation (which highlighted my scalp’s dehydrated state), I was led into The Serenity Room to continue with my session. The Serenity Room is a spacious private room, made to deliver the ultimate luxurious experience to guests at TrichoLab. I learnt from my therapist that I’d be enjoying the Water element treatment, designed to restore shine and vitality to dehydrated locks—something that my hair desperately needed after multiple rounds of bleaching. 

My pre-treatment scalp analysis.

Slipping into something more airy and comfortable, the relaxing treatment began with a simple essential oil massage. The massage brought over an immediate sense of calm, especially when the therapist took care to press out the stress I was carrying in my shoulders. Of course, she didn’t miss out on my head, gently massaging my scalp for what was to come. 

The next section of the treatment was all about creating a clean environment on the scalp. Using a detoxing serum, all the sweat and dirt buildup on my scalp was cleared. My therapist shared that most people suffer from a buildup of bacteria and gunk on the head, due to dust, chemical pollutants and the naturally humid weather conditions in Singapore.

What followed was an extensive shampooing segment, during which she used both a bubble shampoo and a regular shampoo to clarify and cleanse. This thoroughly relaxing process was accompanied by another scalp massage, so I’m sure you’re not surprised when I tell you I was close to dozing off while laying down in their Takara Belmont chair.

Next comes the hyaluronic acid. This beauty favourite ingredient rehydrates the scalp, seals in moisture and helps to tone down any redness and sensitivity you’re experiencing. This was definitely one of the highlights of the session for me, seeing as I suffer from an overly sensitive scalp, no thanks to the years of colouring my hair.

My post-treatment scalp analysis.

My afternoon of pampering was topped off with an arm and head massage. Needless to say, by this point, my scalp was feeling refreshed, clean and relaxed. But the treatment was still not over; it was time for another scalp screening analysis. Post-head spa, it was evident that my scalp was much cleaner (goodbye gunk, you will not be missed!) and each hair follicle was no longer being suffocated by oil. Seeing the differences pre- and post-treatment is great; the in-depth scalp analysis allows you to understand what’s going on beneath the surface. I mean, it’s hard to tackle problems that you can’t even see yourself. 

The lofty TrichoLab area is a hijab-friendly space, with enough room to provide a luxurious private experience for hijab-donning ladies. Next time you’re looking for a nice way to refresh and rejuvenate your hair, consider making an appointment for the TrichoLuxe Heavenly Head Spa at Wheelock Place. You can rest assured that for 90 minutes, your scalp will be treated like royalty.

TrichoLab’s TrichoLuxe Heavenly Head Spa is available exclusively at TrichoLab’s flagship store at Wheelock Place.


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