The Best Beauty Moments from 2023, According to a Makeup Artist

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The Best Beauty Moments from 2023, According to a Makeup Artist

As the year’s end draws closer, we look back at the most memorable moments of 2023. And in the world of beauty, there’s been plenty to fawn over. Food served as unlikely makeup inspiration. Emma Corrin proved the buzzcut’s modern marketability, and honey blonde hair overthrew the years-long reign of ginger hues.

Despite strikes delaying much of the usual red-carpet fanfare, a great deal of creativity and bold trends still landed on our radars. Just think of Hailey Bieber’s instantly viral lips, Margot Robbie’s Barbiecore throwback looks and just about every time Jodie Turner-Smith stepped out.

But as Chanel Beauty’s makeup artist Victoria Baron declares, beauty in 2023 was less about the hyper-specific aesthetics that dominated 2022 and embraced a more collective vibe shift.

“I think a mood and attitude defined 2023 rather than a specific makeup look,” she tells GRAZIA. “The makeup looks from the runways and red carpet were all about expression and creativity and celebrating individual beauty. We eschewed convention more than ever but did so in the name of expression over clout.”

“There were bold, bright lashes, metallic gold eyes, bold, unexpected lip colours and a return to grunge holding hands with glamour,” Baron notes. “Whatever the look, it was all designed to create a mood of freedom and boldness. With makeup, it was more of a feeling and air of confidence.”

To reminisce about the year that was, Baron shared her favourite beauty looks of the year and her tips and tricks for recreating the looks ourselves with Chanel Beauty’s new Holiday 2023 collection.