Hailey Bieber Has Done It Once Again! Strawberry Girl Makeup is TikTok’s Latest Obsession

The latest food named trend set by Hailey Bieber
Photo: Instagram /@haileybieber

The world needs no introduction to Hailey Bieber; from her relationship with Justin Bieber to her alleged feud with Selena Gomez, we all know and adore her. She’s also provided us with many viral fashion moments, such as her unforgettable wedding veil designed by Virgil Abloh.

Known as the purveyor of all the hottest Internet trends, such as the glazed doughnut nails or the glazed doughnut skin. Now, she’s brought us yet another trend. Enter: the ‘Strawberry Girl’ makeup and it’s taken social media by storm.

The ‘Strawberry Girl’ makeup hashtag has already amassed 7.7 million views on TikTok, with many influencers jumping on the hype bandwagon and creating their own tutorials on how to recreate this look. It’s worth mentioning that even Hailey Bieber herself has made a step-by-step guide to achieving her look.


Everday Strawberry Makeup 🍓💋

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It wouldn’t be an Internet trend unless a collaboration comes about, and Hailey is well aware of the influence she has on us. Bieber has pulled all the stops and capitalised on this trend with the launch of a Rhode x Krispy Kreme collaboration. She’s set to release a limited edition peptide lip treatment that is strawberry glaze flavoured, inspired by the Krispy Kreme Strawberry Glazed Doughnut.

Now you must be wondering, how does one achieve ‘Strawberry Girl’ makeup?

In a nutshell, The ‘Strawberry Girl’ look consists of a lot of reds and pinks across the face to create the illusion of sun kissed skin.

A natural and dewy base is essential at this point, and don’t be afraid to let the freckles and imperfections show through. Hailey Beiber is a big fan of the natural skin-like finish, usually avoiding foundations in her looks and sticking to concealers. The main focus of this look would be the flushed red cheeks and glossy lips. You can emulate Hailey’s lippie with a little bit of your blush on your lips to achieve the monochromatic look and layer a gloss on top of it to ensure your lips look juicy and plump.

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