Tried & Tested: We Tried Spa Esprit’s Hand Pick Facial And Here’s What We Thought

A treatment so pain-free, I fell asleep
Photo: Instagram / @amandakhamkaew

When it comes to skincare, one size certainly does not fit all. No two people suffer from the same afflictions or react to the same products in the same way. There is no cookie-cutter solution to everyone’s skin afflictions. And this is something that Spa Esprit acknowledges with its Hand Pick Facial.

Designed to target a slew of skin concerns and complications, the minimally invasive Hand Pick Facial is a bespoke experience tailored to each individual’s skin needs. Of course, there are typical areas of concern that most of us struggle with—wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines—but this highly customisable facial leaves room for personalisation and adjustment.

How the Hand Pick Facial works is through fine, micro-needles that introduce collagen right into the skin’s surface. The collagen-induction therapy works on various skin issues, gently revitalising the skin from within. By encouraging cell regeneration, the Hand Pick Facial allows for increased production of essential proteins, elastin and collagen in the epidermal layer so your skin looks firmer and more refreshed.

Photo: Courtesy of Spa Esprit

For the treatment, I was brought into a tranquil, intimate space. Low lights flooded the room and gentle spa music played in the background, and before I knew it, I found myself disconnecting from the outside world. My therapist started me off with aromatherapy, using essential oils to slow my breathing and further relax me pre-treatment. What followed was a thorough cleansing of the skin. This step, albeit not unexpected, remains one of my favourite treatment rituals. Don’t we all love the feeling of our skin being rid of all its impurities and gunk? After cleansing, it was time for extraction. My therapist thoroughly (but carefully) removed the white and blackheads from my skin’s surface, and no, this was not painful in the least.

Now, onto the personalised segment of the facial. It all began with a skin analysis, to determine the skin’s needs before the therapist suggests appropriate solutions. During my experience, my therapist identified my skin’s issues with precision, quickly recognising the dryness that sat below my skin’s surface. 

The last step before the needles was a hyaluronic acid gel, which is used to cool and numb the skin. Despite my initial fear, I felt no pain during the actual needling process, thanks to the ice-cold gel. The technology used at Spa Esprit ensures that the speed and depth of the needles are within control. During your session, your therapist will check in regularly regarding your comfort levels, just as mine did. To my surprise, I actually fell asleep during the procedure—a true testament to the treatment’s pain-free process.

Before I knew it, I awoke from my (light) slumber and my therapist was lightly massaging my face. This step encourages greater blood circulation and more even distribution of collagen. She closed off the session with a healing mask—the treatment may be minimally invasive but it still creates micro-injuries that require just a bit of TLC.

Photo: Courtesy of Spa Esprit

I walked out of the space feeling refreshed, and my skin felt the same. Despite the expected redness, I saw a visible glow from my skin that previously was dulled out. It’s been a few weeks since the treatment, and while the visible effects have understandably gone down, my skin still feels healthier, hydrated and plump.

Spa Esprit’s Hand Pick Facial lasts 75 minutes and costs $525. First-timers can experience it at just $250. More information can be found at


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