Road Test: We Tried Porcelain’s Clear Purity Sensitive Repair Treatment And Here’s What We Thought About It

Can a 75-minute facial really give us smoother, happier days ahead?
ROAD TEST: We Tried Porcelain's Clear PurityTM Sensitive Repair Treatment
Photo: Esra Sam

What makes a facial fantastic? Instant results, obviously. What makes a facial so fantastic that you’d be willing to give lunch up for it? It’s how short it is but still, yields instant results. And that is the ethos of Porcelain’s ClearPurity Sensitive Repair, a 75-minute facial that was made to alleviate the signs of skin sensitivity—redness, flakiness, and scaliness—as its name suggests. 

While we’re in no shortage of facial treatments that do so these days, Porcelain’s version stands out in how it also gently clarifies the skin of congestion at the same time. The time part is what got to me as despite being a beauty writer, a long relaxing facial falls low on my hierarchy of needs. If you’re like me, out here trying to do the more important stuff, you’re going to appreciate how swift a session of this treatment is. Really, what more could you ask for? 

The Treatment

The first step of the Porcelain ClearPurity Sensitive Repair treatment is the gentle cleansing of your face with the brand’s Pre-Cleansing Milk after a skin analysis (it sounds scary but sometimes in life, you have to take courage and face the facts) that revealed I had mild congestion and sensitive patches, especially around the cheeks. This was followed by the Hydro Cleanser for a more thorough one. Pro tip: opt to do the treatment on days when you’re just wearing sunscreen, which is another way you’ll save time.

Then I get to my room and let my aesthetician get to work. A fruit enzyme peel is applied using a brush (the swirling motions of the aesthetician are surprisingly soothing) and once removed, comes the part where the real fun begins. The aesthetician swirled a wand-like device with a rotating tip on my skin that simultaneously loosens the pores, sucks up impurities and jets the brand’s Botanical Sensitive Care Toner into the skin.

Was it painful or uncomfortable? Take a wild guess (FYI, it’s not). Is it strangely soothing too like the application of the peel? Yes, but you’re going to want to stay awake like me to take a look at how much gunk has been sucked out of your pores and to admire in the mirror how your skin tone looks much more even and glowier. 

It wasn’t enough, however, for Porcelain to stop the treatment after these steps though the results so far more than sufficed. The treatment followed up with a blend of their products that were applied onto my skin and sealed off with a cryogenic mask before the aesthetician placed electric pads on my arms that aided in relaxing the body (I was so relaxed I had to ask her to help me unlock my phone to take notes) while ensuring the skincare ingredients properly penetrate the skin. 

Lastly, a gel hydra mask was applied before the aesthetician left me to lounge under a yellow LED light machine for 20 minutes as the light has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in restoring barrier function and jumpstarting cell repair.

The Results

The patient and thorough aesthetician claimed I looked more even-toned and radiant and so did the PR person who hosted me but how did I know that the results were the real deal? I could mention that my skin was the most even it was in years coupled with a dewy glow and more refined pores. But don’t just take it from me, ask the people who complimented me and who have shared the same spaces where we’re subjected to a variety of lights from flattering daylight to harsh fluorescent ones.

ROAD TEST: We Tried Porcelain's Clear PurityTM Sensitive Repair Treatment
If 75 minutes still feels too long, create a skin-soothing routine in the comfort of your own home: the Porcelain Botanical Sensitive Care Toner ($81 for 150ml) soothes the skin by creating a reparative barrier in just three seconds and the Botanical Soothing Gel ($120 for 50ml) cushions the skin with antioxidants that repair, calm, and banishes bacteria.

The Verdict

I would consider the Porcelain ClearPurity Sensitive Repair treatment as an all-in-one Swiss army knife of sorts depending on your needs. It can be the fastest method to nip sensitivity and bumpiness in the bud without any downtime, a booster for the lucky people who already have good skin and just want to glow brighter, a “skin detox” of sorts when considering how a hedonistic festive month is over, or the perfect one once again, for people like me with specific facial requirements—no frills, no fuss, and all fast. 

The Porcelain ClearPurity Sensitive Repair treatment is priced at $368 for 75 minutes.