3 Seriously Simple Ways to Party-Proof Your Skincare Routine

Let it shine.
    3 Seriously Simple Ways to Party-Proof Your Skincare Routine
    Photo Credit: Mattia Guolo

    In the season when beauty looks take on a more no-holds-barred approach—things are going to get very, very glittery and colourful between mid-November to early January to be exact—we’re here to play the cosmetic bad cop and tell you that you have to put your skin first. It’s going to be subjected to a lot of stress like late nights, alcohol consumption, or running into your ex without a happy Hallmark ending so whatever you put on before and after a night counts.

    You can treat it to a pre-party pamper session or even spend just a little more time on layering products after makeup removal but in the interest of time to achieve party-perfect skin, Paul Mitchell, the Senior Director of Global Education & Events of philosophy has three simple rules.

    Just like us, Mitchell enjoys a low-key routine for blindingly good skin for the festive season. Photo Credit: philosophy.

    “No matter what your schedule looks like, strengthening your skin’s barrier and maintaining its hydration levels will help your skin do a lot of the party-proofing naturally” says Mitchell who goes on to add that his simplest, and best advice would be to “maintain a consistent skincare routine even when you’re not celebrating—it’s the key to long-term healthy skin.” Sounds simple? Of course, all you have to do (or continue doing) is to strengthen, hydrate, and keep it consistent.

    But what about the rest of us who just a little more help? Here, Mitchell prescribes some other rules using philosophy products that are guaranteed to make you look and feel your dewiest-self.

    1. Skip the Highlighter And Hydrate Instead

    3 Seriously Simple Ways to Party-Proof Your Skincare Routine

    Just got invited somewhere and need a last-minute boost? Warm some moisturiser between your fingertips and press it into your skin. It will give your skin a glow and keep it hydrated through your now-longer-than-expected day.

    I rely on the dose of wisdom™ bouncy skin reactivating serum ($95) and hope in a jar smooth-glow multi-tasking moisturizer ($65 for $60ml)—they are both formulated to give skin what it needs.

    2. Two Minutes Is Better than None

    It can be tough to start your skincare routine at night when your bed is calling! It’s a jetlag common occurrence, too! If you’re tired (or have partied too hard) it can feel good to avoid overloading your skin with products.

    It sounds like a perfect scenario for our purity made simple one-step facial cleanser ($40 for 240ml). which does everything at once: removes makeup, pollution, oil, dirt and debris in one step, and even lightly hydrates! Just follow with a quick serum and moisturiser and you have a mini-regimen that you and your skin can both love.  

    3. Look Out the Window, Seriously.

    Why can’t Mother Nature just cooperate? Rainy weather can actually cause two opposite problems: extra-hydrated or dehydrated skin. The added humidity can cause excess oil production in those with oily or combination skin, so you might want to switch to a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated without making it greasy.

    However, hydration on the outside doesn’t mean you’re hydrated inside. The damp environment can weaken the skin’s barrier function and increase water loss from the skin. So don’t go without a moisturiser—they help prevent water loss. Adding a lightweight hydrating serum is another great option.

    Adapting your skincare routine to the weather and your specific skin type is key. It’s important to listen to your skin and adjust your products as needed.

    4. Supercharge Your Skin For a Selfie-Perfect Glow

    I love a good staple product that handles lots of needs! I can’t say enough good things about dose of wisdom bouncy skin reactivating serum. Why is it my holiday season go-to? The holiday season often brings increased stress and a busy schedule, which can negatively impact your skin, including making it look dull. Lack of sleep also contributes to tired-looking skin.

    A serum with brightening and revitalising properties can help rejuvenate your skin, making it look more vibrant and well-rested. On top of that, the holiday season often involves family gatherings, photos, and special occasions.

    A well-moisturised and radiant complexion can make you feel more confident and look your best in photographs and at social events.

    5. Be Gentle With Your Problems

    3 Seriously Simple Ways to Party-Proof Your Skincare Routine

    Isn’t it always the case that the fuller your social calendar gets the greater the chance your skin acts up?! I can share a product that I personally rely upon: purity made simple pore extractor exfoliator clay mask ($40). The formula is intended to reduce the appearance of pores and blackheads for virtually blackhead-free skin in only two uses. But I use a cotton bud to apply it as a spot treatment.

    It’s a creamy, white clay (I love that it smells citrusy and fresh) that contains salicylic acid and white kaolin clay to help extract impurities. It has been a lifesaver for me!

    6. Always Start With a Fresh Canvas

    I tell people to make sure they use the dose of wisdom™ bouncy skin reactivating serum on truly clean skin and to exfoliate so the serum absorbs completely. The formula really does so much—the patented oxygen booster method helps skin recharge so it works at peak performance, the grafted vitamin C helps target skin’s firmness, and grafted hyaluronic acid supports skin’s natural hyaluronic acid for lasting, in-depth hydration.

    7. Lastly, #TreatYourself to Something Nice

    3 Seriously Simple Ways to Party-Proof Your Skincare Routine
    Give the gift of Amazing Grace, but make it festive—the Eau de Toilette Trio collection ($75) comes with full-sized versions of the clean girl cult-classic.

    Philosophy Amazing Grace Women’s Eau De Toilette collection holiday gift set contains Amazing Grace 4oz Eau De Toilette For Women, Amazing Grace 16oz Scented Shower Gel, Shampoo & Bubble Bath and Amazing Grace 16oz Firming Body Emulsion.

    And finally, here’s something that is my personal secret: gift yourself some self-care! Treating yourself to a skincare product can be a form of self-care during the holidays, allowing you to take a moment for yourself amidst the hustle and bustle. So treat yourself and then enjoy how it makes you feel and look!