Spring/Summer 2024 Trends in Niche Perfumery: Insights from Johanna Monange, Founder of Maison 21G

These are the fragrance trends to watch this season

Perfumery is an ever-evolving art that mirrors the preferences and lifestyles of its admirers. Maison 21G serves as a vibrant laboratory that captures real-time customer ingredient preferences by age, country, and season. This unique approach keeps the bespoke perfumery boutique at the forefront of market trends, allowing the brand to understand what scents resonate with different demographics and the latest desires of the season for fragrance creation.

Here are the latest trends in perfumery, as observed by Maison 21G founder, Johanna Monange, and her team of skilled scent designers across Asia, based on real-life experiences. These trends are genuine and by reading these few chapters, you’ll be ahead of the niche perfume game in finding the perfect trending scent for the summer season.

Fresh And Vibrant Woody Notes

“A significant trend that has emerged is the growing popularity of fresh and sheer woody notes among both men and women. Women customers, in particular, are increasingly drawn to the depth and richness of woody scents such as vetiver, sandalwood, cashmere wood, patchouli and oud. These notes offer a sophisticated base that exudes freshness, warmth, vibrancy, elegance and distinctive sillage. Woody notes are also ideal for bringing long-lasting freshness needed for the hot and humid summer season in Asia.”

“At Maison 21G, our customers love to bring a fresh, modern twist by blending these woody notes with elements of freshness or sensuality. Many of our clients mix these deep, earthy woody scents with fresh scents like ocean and citrus, such as bergamot, ginger, and tea, or enhance them with sensual hints of tonka bean, fir balsam, or ambergris. This combination of authentic wood and warm notes creates a balanced fragrance that is both invigorating and alluring, making it a top choice for many. Our most popular creations include Vetiver Vituoso and Ginger, Sleek Sandalwood and Tea, and Oud Outshine and Sage.

Vetiver Virtuoso, made from fresh roots extracted from Haiti has surprisingly conquered the hearts of many women. Unlike traditional vetiver fragrances, Vetiver Virtuoso from Maison 21G reimagines this classic note with a modern twist, infusing it with freshness and sophisticated, vibrant depth, creating a sensory olfactory experience that is both refreshing and refined. It is suitable for any occasion, from daytime to evening, making it the new trendsetter in fresh woody scents for women all over Asia from Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea to China.”

“Oud continues to trend, though Asian customers often prefer it without the too animalic notes for night outings and seductive moments. Oud Outshine by Maison 21G embodies a unique blend of intensity and daring allure, thanks to his level of natural extract of oud, making it a standout fragrance. Unlike many oud-based scents, Oud Outshine has been crafted without any animalic notes, replaced by a touch of floral note, ensuring a clean and refined new sensual experience. This fragrance exudes an aura of luxury, chic sophistication and attraction, enveloping the wearer in a distinctive sillage.”

Fresh Natural Floral Scents

perfumery trends

“Another trend gaining momentum is the demand for green, natural floral scents. Florals like muguet (lily of the valley), mimosa, osmanthus, and peony, after still trending iconic rose, are becoming increasingly popular, appreciated for their delicate yet vibrant notes. At Maison 21G, our customers like to enhance these floral notes with complementary fresh invigorating accents for the summer such as bergamot, ginger, tea, verbena, and rhubarb, or blend them with woody undertones to create a unique, long-lasting, crisp, elegant, and delicate enveloping floral-woody olfactory experience.”

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“Our bestsellers include Mimosa Mantra with Bergamot mix, Muguet Muse with Patchouli, Peony  Pearl with Verbena, and Rose Ritual with a hint of Honey. Interestingly, floral scents are no longer exclusive to women. An increasing number of men are incorporating floral notes liker rose and mimosa into their fragrances, seeking a new kind of freshness and delicacy. This shift reflects a broader trend towards more unisex and inclusive scent profiles, catering to diverse preferences. Notable bestsellers in this category include Rose Ritual and Havana, Rose Taif and Oud, and Mimosa Mantra and Vetiver.

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Creating Second Skin Scents Inspired By Spirit

“The third notable trend is the creation of bold, original scents that exude skin-like sensuality. Our customers are exploring more daring combinations, incorporating spirit notes like cognac and whisky, made with our unique extract of oak wood, blend of warm and clod spices, Arabica coffee extract, leather accord, and dark cocoa bean extract. These rich, intense ingredients result in perfumes that are full of character and sensuality, appealing to those who wish to stand out and make a statement of their unique personality and style with their fragrance. Our Black Collection features unique scents like Secret Spirit (the scent of the famous Cognac XO from our Hennessy collaboration), Leather Lust (made with a touch of coffee Arabica extract), and Ambergris Alchemy, a rare and ultra-sexy ingredient that lasts more than 20 hours!”

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With their keen insights and dedication to the craft, Johanna Monange and her experienced team of scent designers across Asia continue to lead Maison 21G in setting new benchmarks and pushing the boundaries of creativity among their customers in the world of perfumery. Maison 21G’s polysensorial, interactive boutiques and customer-centric approach ensure that the brand remains at the cutting edge of fragrance trends, fostering experiences of creativity, sharing, and education. At Maison 21G, you can expect scents that resonate on a deeply personal level.


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