A Fragrance With Its Own Confidence: Natalie Portman Chats About The New Miss Dior Parfum

The Hollywood actress shares about her 2023 film 'May December' and even her philanthropic endeavours
Natalie Portman For Miss Dior

Natalie Portman is Miss Dior. The actor and philanthropist, who has been the face of the fragrance since her first campaign with the French luxuriate in 2011, encapsulates the energy of summer in the newest campaign video for Miss Dior Parfum. Set to ‘Cry Baby’ by Janis Joplin, Portman lets go of her inhibitions, embodying the liberal spirit of summer by dancing on a table with her mysterious lover and jumping off cliffs. Without a care in the world, Portman then asks us, “And you? What would you do for love?”

Ahead, GRAZIA Singapore speaks to Natalie Portman on the sun-soaked campaign and the ethereal feeling of summer. The Black Swan actress also chatted about her 2023 film May December, her upcoming projects in Hollywood and even her philanthropic endeavours. The actress also speaks about the new Miss Dior Parfum, originally created by Monsieur Dior himself and now newly reimagined by Francis Kurkdjian.

We saw you jump off a cliff for one of the new scenes. Do you consider yourself an adventurer in real life? 

I am always seeking adventure, whether that involves taking on new roles, discovering places I’ve never been, or trying something for the first time. I am constantly striving to explore beyond my comfort zone. 

Jumping straight into the unknown, do you think that is what falling in love feels like? 

Falling in love feels like jumping into the unknown and being in the most beautiful environment.

Photo: Dior Beauty

During the campaign, you wear beautiful dresses created by Maria Grazia Chiuri. In your opinion, how do they contribute to the new Miss Dior perfume’s narrative? 

Miss Dior is all about finding confidence and taking control of your femininity, which are the exact pillars of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s designs. Miss Dior and Maria Grazia alike pair these ideals to create something beautiful. 

In real life, would you dare to get on a table and dance so freely? 

Absolutely. I think it is important that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and allow ourselves to be silly and carefree. Those are the moments when we are the most human.

If this new perfume was a person, who would it be? Why?

A woman seeking truth, love, and adventure.

Photo: Dior Beauty

What was your first impression of the new Parfum?

How intense the scent was without being overwhelming. The fragrance has its own confidence.

Describe this new Miss Dior in 3 words. 

Elegant, empowered, joyous.

When you think about Miss Dior, what’s the first memory it evokes to you? 

I remember the hairbow I wore at my first Miss Dior shoot that reflects the bow on the bottle, and how a bow could evoke a scent. 

Christian Dior said, “Of the women in my childhood, I retain above all the memory of their perfumes, perfumes that lingered”. Is there a woman you know whose scent is so distinctive that it becomes a part of her personality? 

My mother. Fragrance has always been an important part of her routine and I remember when she taught me how to spray my perfume in front of me, and walk through it, letting the perfume engulf me from head to toe.

In May December, your character seeks nuances, wants to go beyond black or white, which is a strong message. Did it speak to you personally? Do you also choose your roles this way?

I love exploring characters who are multifaceted and complicated because it allows me to explore the complexities of human nature. 

It seems like you’re someone who loves new projects and challenges. Is there something you haven’t done yet on your to-do list that you would like to try? 

I would love to do a family comedy and a voice in an animated film. As you can see, I want to make movies I can enjoy with my kids. 

We saw you recently took part in the LIFE 360 SUMMIT with UNESCO. Can you tell us a little bit about it and your involvement? Why are these topics important to you? 

I attended the LIFE 360 Summit with UNESCO and joined Antoine Arnault for a conversation on sustainability and climate change. We must change our habits immediately regarding consumption, travel, eating, waste, especially in the developed world, to change the world for the next generation. It is essential that we work together to combat climate change and environmental injustice to create a better world.

Photo: Dior Beauty

What are your other upcoming projects you would like to talk about (producing, acting, charity work…)? 

I am so excited to continue my journey as a producer, alongside my incredible producing partner, Sophie Mas, at MountainA. This year, our new limited series Lady in the Lake will be released on AppleTV+ and it was so incredible to work with new talent and voices on this project. Sophie and I launched MountainA to support meaningful, timely projects and this show embodies the ideals we hold close to our hearts.

The new Miss Dior Parfum launches on 1 May 2024 at all Dior Beauty boutiques and counters, and from 29 April on the Dior Beauty online boutique.


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