By Nicole Ng

Road Test: I Tried The New Kerasilk Taoyaka System For Damaged Hair

A good hair day, everyday
Photo: Vladimir Marti

Making hair strong and beautiful as silk is the main aim of the Kerasilk Taoyaka System, which consists of an in-salon treatment by experts and an at-home maintenance routine in order to keep your hair in top condition. Both sets are comprehensive and optimised to suit Asian hair that has been damaged by causes such as overwashing, styling and the environment. 

Photo: Courtesy of Kerasilk

Their star ingredients? Biomimetic silk, a vegan formula that refreshes amino acid levels inside and outside of the hair, Hyaloveil, an advanced type of hyaluronic acid that moisturises and protects and Taoyaka Technology which gives your hair softness and elasticity.

Below, we put the Kerasilk Taoyaka System and the benefits it promises to the test.

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At Crème Hairdressing—one of the many outlets that offer the Taoyaka System’s in-salon treatment—an in-depth hair assessment by one of their seasoned hairdressers is first done to determine the main hair concerns.

The experience is then customised accordingly, with products being chosen from the ‘Airy’ range for flowing, bouncy hair, and ‘Moisture’, for moisturised and smooth hair.

Depending on your hair condition and level of damage, products of different intensities will also be used to treat conditions such as frizz, dullness and loss of elasticity.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerasilk

The first step for normal to dry scalps is a Calcium Cleanser from the range, a foaming hair wash that gently removes impurities such as sebum and residue from styling products. Then, the Cortex Primer is applied. Like what a trusty primer does for your makeup, this product helps your hair absorb the active ingredients from the Taoyaka System better, further improved by the use of a steaming machine in between steps.

These are followed by Cortex Control for inner repair of the hair strand, Cuticle Control for outer repair and a Sealing Mask that deeply conditions and repairs damaged hair for noticeable changes in softness, shine and smoothness in just a single session.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerasilk

In order to maintain hair health, though, upkeep is important. To make things easy for users, the Kerasilk Taoyaka System also has an at-home maintenance range to prolong treatment results for up to four weeks—perfect for anyone who has a packed schedule.

As with the in-salon treatment, this at-home routine can be customised to suit your hair’s needs. The product selection is a comprehensive assembly of the Taoyaka shampoo and treatment for daily use, two versions of the Taoyaka Sealing Mask—’Moisture’ and ‘Airy’—for more intensive weekly repair and a liquid cuticle filler that encourages structural recovery in your hair.

The result? Strengthened, healthy hair strands which means less fallout, increased shine and bounce, making every day a good hair day, effortlessly.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerasilk

The Kerasilk Taoyaka System is available at Chez Vous Hair Salon, Hairwerkz, Kiu Hair Gallery, O’Color Hair, Picasso Hair Studio and Roots – Where Hair Begins.

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