By Vanessa Ng

For DIY Snatched Skin, IllumiaSkin’s Bounce Series Packs A Punch

A duo to rival LED treatments
Photo: Courtesy of IllumiaSkin By Kim Lim

Snatched skin is the one of the ideals in the world of all things beauty. It entails supple complexions, youthful radiance, spread across a taut canvas of tight, elasticised skin. To achieve this fine balance, one would look to sculpting treatments and facials, layered with at-home LED treatments and serums to restore and rejuvenate. But, attempts to achieve an vitality-inspired appearance may be counterintuitive, as swathes of nutrient-packed products can result in compromised skin barriers. Instead of overcomplicated 20-step routines, herald in the new era of “less is more” in skincare (hello, de-influencing). Jumping onto this bandwagon is IllumiaSkin, as it releases the Bounce series, a duo of restorative products that aid in streamlining your skincare routine, perfect for the woman on the go.

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Repair-focused, the Bounce range comprises the Recharge Cream and Firming Serum (bundled at S$139). A triptych of active ingredients come together to provided the snatched effect—think glassy, fresh-looking skin. Tremella mushrooms, Japanese knotweed root extract, and green tea leaf extract contain sub-ingredients of anti-oxidants, niacinamides, and trans-Resveratrols. These ingredients soothe, relieve, and stimulate cell turnover, an essential for the full works of restorative skincare. The effect? Increased moisture retention, brightened skin tones, and smoothed-out fine lines that create a final finish of plump, dewy radiance.

The Bounce Firming Serum. Photo: Courtesy of IllumiaSkin

Preservation and prevention is the theme here, as the series restores, and protects against free radicals. The Bounce Firming Serum (bundled at three for S$209) channels the elasticised feel with an impactful range of nourishing and renewing ingredients. Oats, triple seed butters (of cupuaçu, mangoseed, and murumuru), and andenosine are derma-friendly, gently stimulating collagen production.

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The Bounce Recharge Cream. Photo: Courtesy of Illumiaskin

The Bounce Recharge Cream (bundled at three for S$209), seals it in and lacquers your complexion. Focusing on restoring luminance and vitality, the moisturiser is supercharged with niacinamide that works to retain dewiness, while regulating sebum production. Expect a powerful blend of anti-oxidants that clarify and invigorate the skin. Botanical ingredients like Chinese Skullcap root, Licorice root, Chamomile flower and Rosemary leaf, are the MVPs here, working to invigorate the skin to finish off that supple, radiant glow.

For a dermatologist-approved two-step to brighten and get you snatched, try IllumiaSkin’s Bounce series.