By Emily Algar

Dua Lipa Loves This High-Tech Anti-Gravity Facial, So What Exactly Does It Involve?

Disclaimer: You'll have to head to Milan to experience it

We know big celebrities are willing to go the extra mile in order to look their very best, and this even applies to those as naturally beautiful as Dua Lipa.

The Future Nostalgia singer shared a ‘photo dump’ to her Instagram, where the third image showed her face (flawless as always) being cradled by a pair of robotic looking gloves. While creepy at first glance, the gloves are actually a signature tool of Alessandra Ricchizzi, a facialist and manual lifting therapist based out of Milan, Italy.

Ricchizzi is a skin expert known for her Manual Lifting technique, or ability to define and sculpt the facial features without invasive techniques. As per her website, she’s trained in both Italy and Switzerland, and works with clientele including Chiara Ferragni and Katherine Mondadori. The ‘lifting technique’ is her skincare silver bullet, made all the more covetable by the use of high-tech tools, such as the gloves pictured below.

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Lipa appears to be underneath the “Lifting Glove”, a machine consisting of red LED thimbles with an anti-ageing, bio-stimulating and anti-gravitational action to lift tissue and muscles vertically. The glove goes hand in hand with her signature lifting facial that works to manipulate internal and external facial muscles for a fresh, contoured finish. A quick scroll through Ricchizzi’s Instagram show’s off some incredible before and afters; skin that’s plump, youthful and smooth.

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While it seems that Ricchizzi does do residencies all around the world, her main clinic is situated in Milan. She did note it was a “pleasure” having Lipa in her house (is the sing er currently in Italy?) but sadly it seems that if you want to experience some of the magic, you’ll have to head to Europe – and probably book well in advance.

This article originally appeared on GRAZIA USA.