GRAZIA’s Best Of Beauty: 10 Best New Products Of the Week

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As the local beauty industry has returned to its former glory with drops by the day, we have taken it into our hands to talk weekly about some of the best beauty launches. Some are noteworthy for their instant results, while others are special simply because they make us feel and look good while looking good themselves. 

Here, the top 10 beauty launches that landed on GRAZIA’s beauty desk or piqued our interest this week.

Pictured Above: Clarins Ombre 4 Couleurs, $75
You don’t go to Clarins for flamboyant or overtly fashion-forward makeup and that’s not a bad thing. Instead, you go to the Parisian brand for products that flatter whatever you’ve got going on and their latest eyeshadow quads are the perfect example of this ethos—four shades across five compacts that subtly compliment any eye or skin tone while doing so for up to 12 hours courtesy of mattifying bamboo powder. We guarantee that each swipe brings about love, especially if you don’t enjoy the act of retouching makeup.