Roger Vivier Brings The Magic To Paris Fashion Week For Spring/Summer 2024

Enter the otherworldly realm of Les Éléments Vivier

For Spring/Summer 2024, the house of Roger Vivier presented a magical expression of romance and passion in the ‘Les Éléments Vivier’, an immersive exhibition that unfolded during Paris Fashion Week in celebration of the maison’s design ethos and spirit of Creative Director Gherardo Felloni, infused with easter eggs of Monsieur Vivier’s influence on current day designs.

Set up as a Parisian hotel particulier, Felloni was inspired four main pillars—colour, passion, lightness and preciousness; each represented on a different level of the opulent building in fantastical sets designed in collaboration with the renowned designer Lelia Maria Fteita. Stepping into the building, one is immediately whisked away into the theatrical world of Roger Vivier, filled with rich décor and ethereal expressions of the house’ design history.

Starting off the Vivier journey is The Craft of Colour, an introduction starting at the ground floor dedicated to the natural world and its mise-en-scéne. To the trained eye and art buffs, one may recognise the blossoming scene from Claude Monet’s gardens—but of course with a fashionable twist. Littered within the foliage are the Viv Choc draped shoulder bag in cheerful colours, along with high summer raffia pieces and florals to compliment the perennial set-up.

Going a level up, one discovers The Heart of Passion—as the name suggests, this room is all about love. It’s no secret that Monsieur Vivier loved love. Hearts have long been a part of his pieces (cue the iconic ‘I Love Vivier’ pumps), and fiery colours of red and pink were so often used in his designers. For the Spring/Summer collection, Felloni gives the heel an update with latticework leather construction in a slingback and stiletto heel.

Giving a new meaning to ‘stairway to heaven’, The Shape of Lightness is best described as a sixties-inspired cloudy dreamscape. A celebration of the absolute finesse of construction and design sensibilities of Vivier’s genius, you definitely won’t miss the giant replica of the archival ‘Viv Canard’ shoe, revived by Felloni. Finishing off the fantasia that is the ‘Les Éléments Vivier’, the fourth and final floor exudes An Air of Preciousness—a room clad in white finishings with remnants of a storm stricken ballroom. Amidst the wrought metal and crystal shards are accessories to flex the house’ full range of design capabilities. Evening bags, baroque pearl collars, sequin earrings and bracelets and headbands expands the ever evolving Roger Vivier accessory line in the Spring/Summer season.

Without further ado, keep scrolling to see the otherworldly presentation.