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Georgiana Grudinschi’s Guide To Travel-Proofing Your Haircare Routine

Georgiana Grudinschi of ANSWR dishes it all...
Photo: Courtesy of ANSWR

We all know how high maintenance haircare can be, especially when you’re up against Singapore’s humidity 24/7. For the lazy girls out there, keratin treatments are often the solution of choice for frizz-free hair on the everyday. But with the hefty price tag that comes with getting a treatment done, it’s often a painful expense for most.

After getting rounds of Keratin hair treatments at salons, the steep price tag for good hair just wasn’t sitting right with Georgiana. That’s when she set foot on a journey to make low maintenance haircare accessible to all. For Georgiana, creating ANSWR was a personal mission to give everyone a chance to experience the salon treatment without selling an arm and a leg. As the first ever at-home keratin treatment to hit the market, ANSWR’s friendly price point and salon-worthy results makes a strong case for skipping the appointment and getting your hair in shape as you wish.

In this interview, Georgiana dishes on her favourite places in her home country, Estonia, and how she travels in utmost style.

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Photo: Courtesy of ANSWR

1.One hair product that works well even in hot and humid climates.

ANSWR’s keratin treatment is great for tackling the humidity. I actually forgot to use the treatment before coming here, but whenever I did travel to other countries that also have high humidity, our keratin treatment always works to keep my hair smooth and silky. It’s great for travel because the effects last for a few weeks, so during that time you won’t need to spend time styling your hair since it’ll be silky smooth.

Photo: Courtesy of Supergoop

2. One beauty product that you never fail to pack in your travel kit.

SPF. Regardless of where I’m going, be it a sunny or city destination, I always take it with me. I never applied sunscreen in my early years, so now as I’m getting older I definitely see the effects of not wearing SPF.

3. One place for holistic healing in Estonia.

This is a tricky one because Estonia isn’t very developed in the wellness industry, so there aren’t any healing centres or anything like that. I like to think that holistic healing can come from a healthy lifestyle and habits, so when I’m in Estonia, I like going to the forest called Viru Raba (Viru Bog in English). It’s a great place to walk in the middle of nature so you get to relax and be in nature, and it’s just a day trip so you get to escape.

4. One place for people watching in Estonia.

There’s a cafe called ROST, which is very trendy located in an area called Tallinn. They specialise in cinnamon buns and there are tables outside which faces a famous alley.

5. One place for a relaxing dinner in Estonia.

There’s a relatively new restaurant Barbarea in a very interesting area, roughly 20 minutes away from the city centre. It’s an area that tourist don’t find themselves in because it’s on the outskirts. It’s a great place because it’s not too fancy, and all the dishes are shareable. They also specialise in natural wines so it’s a good place to go with people.

6. One podcast you wind down to.

It’s an audience podcast hosted by two amazing ladies and they always interview female founders, so I’m always so inspired by hearing other founder stories because I’m an entrepreneur as well.

Photo: Courtesy of Karma Beach Club

7. The best destination for a reset.

Bali is one of my favourite places because the concept of time just disappears. I just went there to visit some friends and it was perfect.

8. One go-to snack for a long plane ride.

I always go for a cup of fruits because usually you get unhealthy options on the go, so I usually will pack some fruit before I catch a flight.

9. The best haircare tip that someone’s ever given you.

I learn this from my hairdresser because my hair quality started deteriorate, and she asked me how I treated my hair when it’s wet. I used to rub my hair between the towel and she advised me against that because our hair is most prone to damage when it’s wet. After I stopped doing that and treating my hair more gently, I saw a huge difference.

10. One beauty ritual you follow religiously even on vacation.

I have a super simple skincare routine because I suffer from rosacea, so I can’t apply normal products. I have a natural cream that I don’t go a day without using it, which I found in Madrid in an Ayurvedic store. There’s no label and ingredient list, but the sheperd that I bought it from told me it was made with natural ingredients. It’s so amazing for my rosacea and helps to even out my skin tone. I always stock up when I’m in Madrid because it’s impossible to find anywhere else.