By Bryan Goh

Road Test: We Tried Papilla Haircare’s O2 Infusion Scalp Treatment

Itching, flaking, and soreness? We don't know her
Road Test: We Tried Papilla Haircare's O2 Infusion Scalp Treatment
Photo Credit: Vlamidir Marti

Just a few weeks ago, I was a bit of a flake and I’m not talking about being the kind of person who skips out on things to vegetate at home. I’m talking about how I was literally flaking from my scalp and how little irritating specks found their way onto clothes and furniture surfaces or left trails that led from my home to everywhere I go. A doctor diagnosed me with mild eczema of the scalp and while there’s something slightly revolting about saying the word, the repercussions when it turns angry is quite the unfortunate one.

Not only is the condition extremely uncomfortable (though I would say that scratching it is euphoric enough to send tingles down to my toes) but it got exacerbated by the recent heat wave. An ouroboros of skin misfortune if you will—sweat, scratch, scar and the cycle continues which is why I decided, with a kind invitation from Papilla Haircare, to find some sweet relief that over-the-counter products can’t provide.

“With medical-grade technologies” and a “multi-pronged approach that provides solutions”, what had me saying yes with several exclamation points for emphasis was the quote “deliver maximum results with minimal effort”. These six words succinctly sum up the O2 Infusion For Hypersensitive Scalp. Read on to find out what the full treatment process was like.

The Treatment

The first step of the treatment was the application of the brand’s proprietary Soothing Scalp Serum which was moisturising heaven for the scorched earth that was the skin on my head. By recognising that scalp eczema could be triggered by many reasons beyond environmental factors or allergens, the Soothing Scalp Serum was formulated with many actives that alleviate them. Cynanchum Atratumacts is an anti-inflammatory, saccharide isomerate hydrates which in turn prevents flaking, and a prebiotic called Alpha Glucan Oligosaccharide that strengthens the microbiome.

A therapist liberally applied it onto my roots and gently massaged it into my scalp before a miracle happened: it felt a lot less itchy thanks to the pleasant cooling sensation of the serum and when it was washed off 30 minutes later, I noticed no flaking as he dried my hair off. Next, was the oxygen infusion that involved “blasting” portions of the scalp with the chemical element to ensure the complete eradication of irritation.

It sounds intense compared to the first part of the treatment but the oxygen infusion was surprisingly serene—the therapist held a wand over certain sections of my scalp that delivered a burst of cold air which according to him, has the ability to help the scalp regain its moisture content and stabilise pH levels while enabling the serum applied to penetrate better. The intensity of which it is administered allows for gentle exfoliation but we would like to mention that it really hits the spot for areas where irritation still occurs.

Finally, I was treated to a 20-minute blue light therapy session that has an anti-inflammatory effect which makes this treatment the full deal when it comes to dealing with scalp eczema. As Papilla Haircare said, “maximum results with minimal effort”.

The Results

After the treatment, I could immediately see and feel a remarkable improvement in the state of my scalp. There were no flakes when I ran my hand through my hair and as for the itching? I felt nary a tingle, prickle, or sting for the next week (the flaking though, unfortunately came back albeit in lesser amounts). With that said, however, it is advisable to do a minimum of three sessions for the O2 Infusion For Hypersensitive Scalp as no one is able to completely get rid of their eczema as they’re only able to control it at best. I would also consider this treatment as a good way to temper the condition when it rears its ugly head or if you’re looking for one that provides quick and immediate relief.

The Verdict

It’s been about a month since I’ve done the O2 Infusion For Hypersensitive Scalp treatment and coupled with a haircare routine from my doctor, I’m pleased to say I’m in better control of my scalp eczema. Yes, I have the odd flare-up from time to time but thankfully, Papilla Haircare has three outlets conveniently spread across Singapore for me to turn to for help or as they say, when winter comes early.

Available at their outlets in Wheelock Place, Nex and i12 Katong, a first trial of the O2 Infusion For Hypersensitive Scalp treatment costs $98. For more information, visit