The Best Beauty Snaps: Taylor Swift’s Fortnight Makeup And Niche Perfumes

From Taylor Swift's porcelain doll makeup to Chappell Roan's drag-inspired beat, here's your weekly dose of inspiration
From Taylor Swift's porcelain doll makeup to Chappell Roan's drag-inspired beat, here's your weekly dose of beauty inspiration
Photo: Instagram / @sabrinacarpenter

This week’s mantra? You do you, boo. For our weekly round-up this time, we’re taking it from the likes of Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter and Chappell Roan. From Taytay’s Fortnight makeup look to the fun makeup expressions from pop princesses at Coachella, the beauty snaps of this weekend are all about being true to yourself, letting your beauty routine—makeup, hair, what have you—tell the world who you are. We’ve also let you in on our favourite niche perfume creator, so don’t say we’re gatekeepers!

Taylor Swift’s Fortnight Makeup Look

Taylor Swift just released her newest album The Tortured Poets Department late last week. She also dropped the music video for her song Fortnight, featuring Post Malone. In the music video that Taytay herself directed, she starts the song with a look inspired by a porcelain doll. Thin, arched brows and dark, heavy eyeshadows form the key points of this look—a departure from her usual red lipstick and soft, neutral shadows that we’re so used to seeing on Taylor. Aside from the high-contrast makeup look, we’re also loving the countless bobby pins in her messy hairdo. When it comes to accessorising, things don’t always need to sit perfectly; take it from Taylor.

Toodles Galore Makeup

@_inlil Meoww #inlil #xuhuong #bienhinh #fyp #makeuptransformation ♬ nhạc nền – Mê Tỷ Tỷ Douyin

If you’re just like us and you’re a frequent viewer of BeautyTok, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the Toodles Galore trend going around. A tribute to the beloved cat from the childhood cartoon series Tom & Jerry, the trend centres around creating a makeup look that captures the sultry, feminine energy of Toodles Galore, as perceived by the cats—Tom included. Highlights of this look at the intense violet and lilac shadows, paired with the sculptural hair that mimics Toodles’s little ears. While the look has taken flight in the Douyin Makeup sphere, those after a more subtle iteration of this trend can take inspiration from Paris-based creator AJ.

Sabrina Carpenter’s Espresso Makeup Look

In addition to performing at Coachella, the internet’s favourite Barbie, aka Sabrina Carpenter, has released her latest song Espresso. And while the song is a total bop, what we need to learn is how she manages to ace her glam every time. The song’s music video, which has already amassed over 9 million views, is serving old-school summertime vibes, with the vintage swimsuits and gear. Her warm honey look is the perfect complement to the bright shoreside adventures she takes us on, with Espresso. And if you want to recreate the look on your Asian features, you can take a tip or two from digital creator Sharon Pak’s tutorial.

Niche Perfumes To Drool Over

@carolinemstern If I was going to be a bride this summer, this is the perfume that I would wear on my wedding day. @Régime des Fleurs little flower may be one of the most ethereal and romantic floral scents I’ve ever smelled & I’m so excited to explore this perfume house #weddingperfume #bridalperfume #floralperfume #perfumereview #romanticperfumes #perfumetiktok #perfumetok #nicheperfume #luxuryperfume #summerperfume ♬ original sound – Caroline Stern

In recent months, you may have noticed a spike in niche perfume TikToks on your For You Page. You’re not alone. Amongst all the perfume connoisseurs out there, Caroline Stern’s snappy videos have been our cup of tea. Recently, the Tiktoker reviewed Little Flower, Chloë Sevigny’s scent in collaboration with Régime des Fleurs, the New York City-based perfumery by Alia Raza. With notes of tea, honeysuckle and black currant sitting below notes of musk and rose, Caroline describes this as the scent she’d walk down the aisle with. Take a whiff, and you’ll see why.

Chappell Roan’s Signature Drag-Inspired Makeup Look

One of the most unique performers at Coachella this year has been none other than Chappell Roan, the pop princess hailing from Missouri, in the United States. Adored for her unapologetic personality, campy music and personal style, the singer’s classic drag-inspired makeup really set her apart at Coachella. Even in the Coachella desert, Chappell’s is heavy-handed, with porcelain skin, bright pink cheeks and intense eyeshadow details. And of course, a makeup look like this wouldn’t be complete without rhinestones. If you’re looking for a sign to be more experimental with your glam, Chappell Roan is it.

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