TAG Heuer x Kith: A Throwback Collab Reinvents the Classic Formula 1 Watch

TAG Heuer and Kith join forces to revive the classic Formula 1 watch with a limited-edition collection that blends retro style with modern flair. Discover the vibrant designs, limited availability, and historical significance of this must-have collab.

Streetwear titan Kith and Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer have teamed up to breathe new life into a legend: the 1986 TAG Heuer Formula 1 Series 1. This highly anticipated collaboration isn’t just a rehash; it’s a vibrant reimagining, fusing the spirit of the past with Kith’s signature contemporary flair.

A Personal Connection: From Fan to Collaborator

For Kith founder Ronnie Fieg, the Formula 1 wasn’t just a watch; it ignited his lifelong passion for horology. This personal connection is evident in the meticulous details of the TAG Heuer x Kith collection. The collaboration stays true to the original’s iconic design, featuring a bold 35mm case, a functional tachymeter bezel, and a clear, uncluttered dial. However, it injects a shot of adrenaline with a vibrant color palette inspired by classic Formula 1 racing liveries.

Photo Credit: TAG Heuer

A Groundbreaking Fusion: Redefining Collaboration

Ten limited-edition models comprise the collection, each boasting its own unique personality. Beyond aesthetics, the TAG Heuer x Kith collaboration signifies a groundbreaking fusion of identities. For the first time in TAG Heuer’s history, the brand logo is intertwined with a partner’s on the dial, strap, and caseback — and the inscription “Just Us,” a nod to Kith’s community-driven ethos — marking a true meeting of minds. This level of collaboration sets a new precedent, pushing the boundaries of traditional watch design.

Beyond Nostalgia: A Statement for the Modern Collector

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 x Kith collection isn’t just for watch enthusiasts; it’s for anyone who appreciates the fusion of heritage and contemporary style. It’s a statement piece that speaks to individuality, a bold accessory that injects a dose of nostalgia into modern fashion. With its limited-edition status and rich history, this collaboration is sure to become a coveted collector’s item, a testament to the enduring legacy of both Kith and TAG Heuer.

Photo Credit: TAG Heuer

Additional Details:

  • Limited Availability: Only under 5,000 watches will be available across the 10 limited-edition models. While some are exclusive to Kith boutiques and online stores, others are available at select TAG Heuer stores.
  • Material Variations: The collection features a mix of materials, with five models utilizing stainless steel cases and five featuring the original Arnite thermoplastic in vibrant colors.
  • Price Point: Each watch is priced at $1,500, reflective of its limited-edition status and brand heritage.
  • Historical Significance: The original Formula 1 sold in millions, but this revival caters to the modern collector’s market, with limited availability and specific colorway desirability driving prices higher for certain models.
  • Potential for Future Lines: While the full-scale return of plastic-cased watches seems unlikely due to sustainability concerns, this collaboration paves the way for a potential reimagining of the core Formula 1 line with a modern aesthetic.

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Photo Credit: TAG Heuer
Photo Credit: TAG Heuer
Photo Credit: TAG Heuer

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