Exclusive: What Do Han So-Hee, Kaia Gerber And Liu Shishi Really Think About Diamonds On Watches?

Plus, the three Omega ambassadors share tips on styling a standout timepiece and chat about their new print campaign for the brand's dazzling additions to the Speedmaster 38mm collection

Omega’s Speedmaster 38mm collection has entered another golden age: After it launched in 2017 featuring the brand’s proprietary alloy Sedna Gold, and added yellow gold models in 2020, last month the range was expanded with eight new references, four of which feature Sedna Gold or Moonshine Gold, also an alloy exclusive to Omega.

But the diamonds on all eight novelties arguably stole the show: by omitting the tachymetre scale, the bezel can now accommodate much larger diamonds, and even the three sub-dials have been zhuzhed with gems.

Giving the new Speedmaster 38mm a boost of star power, Omega brand ambassadors Han So-hee, Kaia Gerber and Liu Shishi were the faces of the collection’s latest campaign.

In this exclusive interview with the three Omega ambassadors, we delve into how they wear the Speedmaster 38mm novelties and what they think about diamond-set watches.


Omega ambassadors Han So-hee, Kaia Gerber and Liu Shishi share tips on styling a standout timepiece and chat about their Speedmaster 38mm collection campaign shoot

What do you like most about the Speedmaster 38mm campaign photos?
Han So-hee (HSH): I love the contrast of the deep black colour backdrop against the emphasis on the figures, which is perfect for the campaign’s slogan: Icons that shine. I’m a fan of the clean, sleek look of Omega watches. I thought the concept perfectly represented the contrast of the new Speedmaster 38mm collection’s shining diamond bezel and dial. I loved the idea of pairing the chic black outfit with the bold Speedmaster 38mm collection, as it gave the outfit an elegant yet vibrant look.

In terms of personal style, what would you wear with the Speedmaster 38mm?
HSH: I especially love the toned-down green dial, which looks unique and modern, and I think it would look great with both casual and formal evening looks. Because the watch is so modern, I think it would look great layered with different textures of jewellery, like pearls and a long chain necklace.

How the diamonds suit your style?
HSH: I think the point is to create a simple but nonchalant look rather than matching various colours because the diamonds themselves have a large presence. It goes well with a monochrome look and styling that is not overdone. It should be said that it is a subtle sensual feeling without trying too hard. The watch can also make me stand out and have a special day.

How do you think South Korean fans will respond to the new Speedmaster 38mm models?
HSH: I think it will appeal to South Korean fans who want to break out of stereotypes and achieve a cool look without trying too hard. I love the genderless concept of modern yet classic, feminine yet bold designs. 


Omega ambassadors Han So-hee, Kaia Gerber and Liu Shishi share tips on styling a standout timepiece and chat about their Speedmaster 38mm collection campaign shoot

Tell us about your experience at the Speedmaster 38mm photoshoot?
Kaia Gerber (KG):
It was creative and fun. The idea was to create contrast, with me dressed in black emerging from a shadow, wearing this sparkling diamond watch. The photoshoot was very casual and relaxed, and the hardest part was choosing my favourite watch from all the different models. The images are striking and it’s a campaign I’m proud to be a part of.

Do you often wear diamonds? For what kind of occasions?
I wouldn’t say often, because when I’m not working, I’m in casual mode. I love them for special occasions, like red carpet events. And of course, I often get the opportunity to wear them when working. The great thing about the latest Speedmaster 38mm watches is that you have beautiful diamonds integrated into this watch that has its own famous design touches.

​What did you like most about the Speedmaster 38 mm collection?
I’ve been part of the Omega family for a long time, so I am familiar with the Speedmaster story. I know it’s legacy and space history. So for me, it was the blend of legend and luxury. As the campaign title goes, these are icons that shine. There are over 50 diamonds on the bezel alone and even the three counters on the dial have a ring of diamonds. I also love the dial colours and the way that you can choose from gold and steel.

​In terms of personal style, what would you wear with the Speedmaster 38mm?
With all those diamonds, I guess the obvious answer would be with something formal, but I think I’ d be happy matching it with something casual because it also has a sporty style. It’s a good-sized watch and makes a bold statement. It really is the kind of watch you can wear with anything. It’s versatile and classic.

​Can you share your favourite Omega experience?
There have been so many. I recently joined Omega in St. Moritz and raced down the ice in a bobsleigh. The bob run is the oldest in the world, and it was officially timed by Omega so I got to pretend to be an Olympic winter athlete. Another standout experience was going to the Beijing Olympics with my family and spending that time with Omega, really getting to know them as a family as well.


Omega ambassadors Han So-hee, Kaia Gerber and Liu Shishi share tips on styling a standout timepiece and chat about their Speedmaster 38mm collection campaign shoot

What was your favorite moment during the Speedmaster 38mm photoshoot?
Liu Shishi (LSS): I am very happy to be in the brand-new Speedmaster 38mm ad campaign. The theme of our photoshoot was simple yet powerful. Omega’s film crew was very professional, and we enjoyed filming together. It’s my pleasure to have the opportunity to interpret the unique charm of the brand-new Speedmaster 38mm models with Omega brand ambassadors from different countries.

What do you think about the new Speedmaster 38mm models?
LSS: The Speedmaster is a favourite of mine and I wear the first-generation Speedmaster 38mm. The new models surprised me a lot. The colours on the new Speedmaster 38mm have a more understated elegance. Each of the new models not only continues the classic style of the collection but also has a diamond bezel and diamond-ringed subdials, which bring delicacy and brightness to the watch. The models add a captivating shine to look of the first-generation Speedmaster 38mm. The new models leave me in awe, once more, of the legendary history behind the Speedmaster’s history as the first watch worn on the Moon.

I’m also touched by their allure and radiant splendour. It is as if the extraordinary history of mankind’s journey to the Moon and the pioneering spirit of human endeavours are woven into a timepiece to sparkle on our wrists.

Did you prefer the gold or steel models?
LSS: The gold and steel models of the new Speedmaster 38mm are both special in their own ways, so it’s a difficult decision to make. I think instead of having a personal preference for one particular material, I’d say it’s nice that you can choose a suitable watch model to match with different occasions or personal style. The new models offer the choice of Sedna Gold and Moonshine Gold; these are Omega’s own exclusive alloys. The colour on the gold models is elegant and has high resistance to the fading of colour and lustre over time. Paired with a bezel paved with shining diamonds, it is a great watch to wear during important events. The steel models are more classic, with close to one hundred diamonds are set on the bezel, subdials, and crown, painting an image of balance and refinement. I like them both, and I choose the model based on the occasion and needs.

How do you think Chinese fans will respond to the new Speedmaster 38mm models?
LSS: I hope that the newly launched Speedmaster 38mm will be adored by consumers. I know that previous models of the Speedmaster 38mm, such as the “Cappuccino”, and the yellow gold model with the green bezel, have been exceptionally popular. I also wear them often. The Speedmaster collection has a legendary history and classic design, while always maintaining a distinctive style. The new Speedmaster 38mm models offer more understated dial colors and more dazzling diamonds, blending the robust style of the Speedmaster with sparkling glow. The new models have a firm inner strength while being very eye-catching. It’s fantastic. More fantastically, the new Speedmaster 38mm takes on a genderless style; I think everyone will find a model that suits them very well.


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