By Yulia See

Mikimoto Showcases Its Latest Campaign With Song Wei Long And Dilraba

The novel facets of pearls
The novel facets of pearls
Mikimoto Brand Ambassador Dilraba

Since the creation of the world’s first cultured pearl, Mikimoto has been ceaselessly adorning women all around the world with pearls. In its latest campaign, the brand’s global brand ambassadors—Song Wei Long and Dilbara—flaunt the Japanese Fine Jewellery House‘s iconic Mikimoto M Collection.

The recent campaign embodies the modern Mikimoto consumer, emphasising the genderless nature of pearls. The latest addition to the celebrated collection takes on the shape of the letter ‘M’, contrasting a graphic geometric shape against the soft, lighted glow from the pearl, affirming simplicity and elegance with a touch of modernity.

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The novel facets of pearls
Mikimoto Brand Ambassador Song Wei Long

Sitting on skillfully crafted 18-karat gold, the rare Ayoka Cultured Pearls are near-perfect round, proudly representing the originator of the world’s finest cultured pearls. The latest surprise in the collection? An edgy ear cuff and ring featuring the house’s new abstract take on the ‘M’.

Watch Song Wei Long and Dilbara in the “Pearls of Love” campaign below.

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