The Round-Up Of Thai Brands and Boutiques To Shop On Your Next Bangkok Getaway

We round up the best Thai brands and boutiques to hit up for your next Bangkok getaway

If you’re anything like us, Bangkok is undeniably one of our top destinations for a summer getaway. From Michelin dining to getting the true local experience at street markets, there’s bound to be something that calls to you in the bustling capitol of Thailand. Apart from a gourmands paradise with it’s plentiful options of Michelin starred institutions, we’re making our bets that Bangkok is soon to be the fashionista’s go-to destination with its aesthetic cityscape and barrage of shopping options.

Between the back-to-back scheduling of massages, cafe-hopping and beauty treatments, getting a good shopping session in while on a time crunch may prove to be a challenge. Our tip? Get your shopping list ready before taking off so you know exactly what store to hit up during your time there. In any case, maximising your shopping time is key in a city like Bangkok—that’s why we’ve rallied the Thai brands and boutique you need to hit up to make the most of your trip and bring back a bountiful haul. Warning: additional checked baggage may be required.

Stolen Stores

By the time you’re done browsing at Stolen Stores, you may start getting the itch to nick something back home. Exclusively housing brands like Onarin, Stolen Studio and Cha Collection, the boutique is known for their hyper-feminine silhouettes and detailings. While the label has yet to hit mainstream popularity, it’s safe to say that it’s well on its way to becoming an It-girl certified brand as Sabrina Carpenter recently donned a cream heart bralette from the brand during the UK leg of her worldwide tour.

Oyster Footwear

Oyster Footwear is what you get when you elevate mainstream footwear trends with playful accents and quality. Founded by graphic designer turned footwear designer Varamol Chanakitkarnchai, the minimalist brand makes a case for elevated basics.

Blackdog BKK

Blackdog is the place to shop if you’re in the market for some statement pieces, from two-piece sets down to fitted crop tops. Known for their high exposure cutout dresses and unique graphic prints, the Thai label makes a case for the return of Y2K fashion. Available online and in selected boutiques, we suggest trying on the pieces before purchasing to ensure it fits your curves just the way you like it.

I Wanna Bangkok

The tongue in cheek label encapsulates the playful spirit of Bangkok to a T. From funky collaborations with none other than The Standard Hotel, and Thai-Parisian creative lab PZtoday, I Wanna Bangkok is the brand founded by and made for cool kids.


Rentroom is a multi-brand concept store in Lido Connect carrying a range of Thai brands and designers. Apart from ready-to-wear pieces, the boutique makes for a great place to stock up on souvenirs for loved ones and friends such as stickers and accessories. Be warned, as Thai clothing brands tend to be free-sized, those with larger sizing may have a harder time finding suitable pieces here.


Another multi-label store on the list is Hide Selected. Hidden away in the charming neighbourhood of Ari, the boutique offers a range of highly curated Thai brands. From elevated basics to funky pieces down to whimsical knick-knacks to take home, the boutique is a treasure trove to be conquered.

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