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Swarovski Taps Steven Meisel And Pat McGrath To Showcase The Power Of Crystals In New “Metamorphosis” Campaign

Metamorphosis, Meisel, McGrath, oh my!
Swarovski’s new “Metamorphosis” campaign. Photo by Steven Meisel. Makeup by Pat McGrath. SHOP NOW.

By its very definition, a metamorphosis is to undergo an extreme, rapid change. In 2021, Swarovski experienced a metamorphosis of their very own with the world’s leading crystal brand’s inaugural global creative director, Giovanna Engelbert, ushering in a series of transformations under her helm.  The most noticeable being the change in direction Swarovski’s signature swan faced in their branding, cementing the brand’s dedication to forward-thinking innovation and to “reinforce the state of momentum”.

Now, the brand is once again looking to this theme of transfiguration and alteration and harnessing the joyful, boundless power of crystals through their latest campaign, “Metamorphosis”. Through the creation of four distinct characters, the Butterfly, Parrot, Pineapple and Turtle, the luxuriate whimsically explores its dedication to experimental crystal creation, reinforcing the spirit and savoir-faire of the fifth-generation family-owned Maison.

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Photo: Courtesy of Swarovski

Here, in this campaign, self-expression is defined through the ornamental crystalline pieces and sculptural accessories that decorate your fingertips and adorn your neckline. Under the guise of these otherworldly figures, Swarovski extrapolates on the ever-evolving beauty of transformations: a world where possibilities are made endless thanks to enchanting jewellery.

For a brand known as a master of light, Swarovski have also tapped two other masters of their craft to convey this joyful magic through the “Metamorphosis” campaign. Namely, photographer Steven Meisel and makeup artist Pat McGrath.

In front of Meisel’s lens and underneath McGrath’s high-octane beauty looks, bold pieces from Swarovski’s Florere, Idyllia, Gema, Dextera, and Millenia jewellery families are modified into opulent displays of the natural world, serving as portraits of inimitable craftsmanship.

Within the butterfly, Engelbert’s flora and fauna-inspired creations take centre stage. Hailing from Swarovski’s Florere range, vivid butterflies and botanicals radiate with the optimism of a new era for the brand taking flight.

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Photo: Courtesy of Swarovski

The parrot and pineapple characters offer resplendently gilded styles that focus on bold cuts and sharp angles, hallmarks of the Idyllia family. The turtle looks to the brand’s classically cut creations, with geometric silhouettes captured in blooming colours.

As much as “Metamorphosis” is in itself an ode to Swarovski’s future, it’s equally a tribute to the brand’s inextricable link to Austria, with the collection drawing inspiration from Viennese heritage.

Taking its cues from the magical 18th Century garden rooms at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace, Swarovski looks to these designs created by Empress Maria-Theresa to capture the mesmerising beauty of transformation.

Indeed, Swarovski is a brand in perpetual transfiguration, with each design pushing the brand forward into fresh territory.

Photo: Courtesy of Swarovski. SHOP NOW.

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