Steal Their Style: These Celebrities Are Nailing The Vacation Look

Vacation-ready is the brief, and these girls delivered

Summer may well be over, but we all know that travel knows no seasonality. Be it a road trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or a relaxing getaway to the tropics for some major rest and rejuvenation—we all know that the outfits play a major hand in the quality of our vacation. And let’s be real here, we’re not about to pass up a good photo op in foreign land. Or if photographic evidence of your travels isn’t the end goal here, we can’t deny the rush of putting together a good outfit and showing up for yourself during your downtime.

Formulating the perfect vacation capsule closet may seem to be a challenge when you’re on limited baggage allowance, but for frequent high-flyers like Kiko Mizuhara and Peggy Gou—they’ve got their vacation wardrobe on lock. Across the board, sundresses seem to be the hot pick and understandably so, considering it takes the hassle of coordination out of the mix. For fashion darling Ashley (better known by her Internet pseudonym, Bestdressed), a girlish minidress and cowboy boots does just the trick for a scenic road trip. On the same note, Ashley Park and Kiko Mizuhara also opted for the minidress and sensible flat footwear combination on their travels abroad.

We admit a flirty sundress makes for a great outfit on more laid back days, but if you’ve got sightseeing and maxing out on 15,000 steps on the itinerary, perhaps a breezy pair of shorts may work out better in your favour as seen on Oh My Girl’s Mimi and Thai actress Prim. Or if you’re looking for something a little more elevated for the cityscape, we suggest taking a page out of Peggy Gou’s book by sporting baggy cargoes, or go the Y2K approach like G-IDLE’s Soyeon. Eitherway, we guarantee the ‘fit will be fire. Without further ado, peruse the vacation looks sported by our favourite Asian stars, below.