Steal Their Style: The Celebrities Serving Sandy Liang Realness

Girlhood is the brief, and these girls nailed it

If you didn’t already know, New York based designer Sandy Liang is having a moment. And when we mean moment, know that she’s singlehandedly spearheading fashion’s return to girlhood. As it so happens, fashion has been obsessed with a certain whimsy-filled, coquette aesthetic—from bow-adorned outfits to ballet-core and puffy-everything, it seems fashionistas everywhere have been doubling down on the girlish trend.

Though honouring a child-like charm on the runway isn’t anything too new (see: Simone Rocha), but 2023 has been a hardcore year for the girls. Dinner is girl, math is girl—you name it, it’s girl. Girl is no longer just a noun—it’s morphed into an adjective. But what makes an outfit ‘girl’? At the top of our minds, Sandy Liang’s exaggerated bow detailings and school-girl reminiscent pieces take the cake—but of course, it comes down to a few sartorial components. Bows, mary-janes, pleated skirts, babydoll dresses and puff sleeves all fall under the jurisdiction of being a Sandy Liang-coded outfit.

The fad of dressing like a little girl has certainly caught on amidst celebrity circles—even Blackpink’s Jennie made a trip down to the Sandy Liang store in New York to play dress up. And in more recent times, Olivia Rodrigo was spotted in a full Sandy set in her recent photo dump. Let’s not forget about the power of accessorising, as IVE’s Yunjin dressed up her purse in ribbons and charms, while Nana Ou Yang completes her frilly look with a ribbon in her hair.

That said, ff you still haven’t gotten a clear grasp on the Sandy Liang aesthetic, we suggest you keep reading to see the celebrities that do it the best.