Steal Their Style: Aespa’s Giselle, Heart Evangelista, And More Prove That Black Is Far From Basic

Black is the brief, and these celebrities nailed it

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the allure of the classic black outfit has withstood the short-lived fads and countless TIkTok ‘cores’ as the go-to hue whenever in doubt. It seems dopamine dressing has run its course in the sartorial zeitgeist and we’re seeing a return to monochromatic and understated ensembles as evidenced by the recent runways. Just see Tom Ford and Sabato De Sarno’s new era of Gucci—enough said. Though in Singapore’s climate, you may be inclined to avoid dark hues in exchange for lighter tones and breezy fabrics, but we think there’s always a way around sporting a black fit even in the summer heat. If anything, black pieces are going to do a much better job at hiding the ever-dreaded sweat stains with ease, and knowing Singapore, there’s bound to be AC on blast nearby to cool you off if needed.

Of course, the classically monochrome ensemble always proves to be undeniably chic, and it’s obvious from the recent outfits donned by K-idols and Thai celebs alike that a black outfit never misses. Case in point? Bibi took to the stage in a biker-inspired fit as she rocked a leather jacket and knee-high stompers while Giselle from Aespa took us behind the scenes of the K-pop quartet’s comeback music video to give a sneak peak of her brooding outfit. And more recently, Versace’s latest brand ambassador and actress Rosy Zhao reps Donatella as she makes a case for comfy-cool in an oversized tee and chunky boots.

On the other spectrum of black ensembles, these celebrities are going full throttle and pulling out their classic pieces in favour of a more elevated appeal. Recently hitched Kimberley Anne Woltemas was the epitome of elegance as she stunned in a lace-trimmed pantsuit by Thai label Asava, while Miu Miu girl Wonyoung went the girlish route with a haltered mini-dress and ballet flats.

In any case, the enduring colour needs no further defence of its role in fashion from the runways to our wardrobes. So without further ado, see some of the best black outfits as seen on our favourite celebrities.