By Pakkee Tan

Smthgood’s Tony K Tan Shares His Top Eco-Friendly Brands That Pack A Fashion Punch

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In the middle of the pandemic, Tony K Tan, the founder of Smthgood, had an awakening of sorts and wanted to combine his passion for social good with for‐profit. Today, the new Singapore‐based app brings more than 40 conscious fashion labels from across the region to a new generation of shoppers on its marketplace. Here, he shares the eco-friendly brands that you should be adding to your wardrobe.


eco-friendly athleisure, outfyt

“Stephanie Colhag Yeo, the founder, is all about sustainability, so a lot of the brand’s athleisure is made from recycled fishing nets, recycled plastics … things that are earmarked for the landfill. I like the ethos behind the brand.”

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eco-friendly shoe brand, kibo

“I like simple designs and these sneakers are just very comfortable. They’re made of recycled canvas and recycled cork. Kibo also has a series that uses apple skin as leather.”


eco-friendly clothing brand, Beam Bold

“The founder decided to go into fashion because of a trip to Africa and she wanted to get to know her roots. She realised the vibrancy of African culture and she wanted to bring the colours to this part of the world. We’re actually trying to do something with an Indonesian school—a printmaking competition, where the winning print will be put into production for a Beam Bold collection.”

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eco-friendly bag, Thamon

“I have a soft spot for Thamon because its bags are made from leaves— its artisans dye them and when you touch them, they feel like leather. It’s just amazing.”

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