By Valeriya Istomina

9 Wedding Trends That’ll Be Taking Over In 2023

Take a look at the predictions for wedding trends 2023 from the experts. Know what to expect as you step into the new year and a brand-new wedding season.
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It’s fun to see trends come and go with the times and sometimes even evolve. Where weddings are concerned, however, a lot seems to have changed in the industry, especially over the past few years. While some old trends have returned or disappeared, some new ones such as bridal box subscriptions are taking up space more than ever before.

Wedding planning can take a lot of effort and sometimes just keeping on top of the trends can go a long way. To help you along, here are some of the wedding trends in 2023 predicted to be on the rise as we enter the new year.

Bridal Boxes

Bridal boxes are one of the popular trends that have come to stay and will continue on into 2023. These themed wedding subscription boxes often provide wedding essentials from the engagement to the wedding and even the honeymoon. The Miss to Mrs bridal box in particular, is a subscription any bride would want to get. With themes to cover almost every type of wedding out there, this bride box provides you with products for wedding planning, décor, planning tips and even bridal pampering. It is hard to go wrong with this gift that keeps on giving. From personalised bridal apparel to beauty accessories, décor and planning essentials, the Miss to Mrs bridal bride subscription box is a wedding hack that every bride needs to get them through the wedding planning stages, to the wedding and beyond. Bridal box subscriptions are without a doubt a must-have for every bride and a welcome trend that is here to stay.

Individual Bridesmaids’ Dresses

The days of bridesmaids looking exactly alike are disappearing little by little. The look of the bridal party is going steps further, sometimes with different style of dresses in the same colour or hue. Other times with similar styled dresses in different shades of the same colour in a beautiful monochromatic look. In an extra step, mismatched bridesmaids dresses have become a thing, where bridesmaids show up in similarly styled dresses each in a different colour. Such individuality allows bridesmaids to add a bit of their personalities to their wedding look.

Au Naturale Wedding Photos

While there are many types of popular poses for wedding couples, photographs are beginning to take a turn too. Lots of couples are choosing to ditch the usual wedding photography and props for more natural scenes and takes. Candid wedding photos help the audience to connect more with the couple and can reveal a side that is not influenced by the need to look perfect or primped by societal pressures. 2023 wedding trends bring more unconventionality, spontaneity and photographs with more natural light, less editing, easy and effortless poses along with the beauty of imperfection.

Thigh High Slits

Fashion is the one thing that changes from season to season, and wedding dresses have not been left out. From conventional and classic to whimsical wedding dresses, thigh high slits have become a thing in wedding apparel and a welcome one too. If you want something extra for your wedding dress and you’re not sure what, consider a slit. This simple alteration can make all the difference, transforming a dress from drab or boring to dramatic and subtly sophisticated. As long as the slit is done in a tasteful and stylish manner, it will be a plus for any style of dress.

Destination Weddings

Things have changed completely with weddings in the last few years and the increase in destination weddings have made 2023 wedding colours predictably more tropical. More than ever couples are choosing less restrictive wedding locations especially after the lockdown. And this has meant lots of beach front weddings or venues at far off destinations that tick all of the points on their wedding checklists. With the currency exchange fluctuations as well, more weddings in Europe are predicted for 2023.

Distinct Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are not left behind in the trend train. No more 2000s party decorations, as these pre-wedding soirees are changing in their aesthetics. These days each party has a distinct theme that is followed to the letter. 2023 wedding colour trends would not only be for the wedding, but the pre-wedding parties as well. So, gone are the days of just winging it or wearing matching outfits alone. Your bachelorette party will most likely have a fun theme that you can all enjoy styling to.

Whimsical Wedding Themes

The traditional is out and the unconventional is in with most weddings these days. Couples are choosing to design their special day after their unique personalities and this is causing a rise in whimsical and laid-back weddings. From fun tiara or camera cake toppers to rustic rehearsal dinner ideas, people are embracing their unique sides and introducing it in their weddings. The whimsical aesthetic is bringing color back on to the wedding scene and it is fun to see.

Disposable Cameras

One old trend that is making a comeback is the good old disposable camera. Returning from the 1990s and 2000s, it is not out of place now to see these little buddies on each table at a wedding reception. If it’s too much for guests to take part in capturing adorable moments of the wedding, these antique cameras can be handled by the wedding party to contribute in producing awesome photos to be developed post-wedding.

Handpicked Wedding Wardrobe

Gone are the days when brides only had to pick their wedding dress. The wedding wardrobe has grown to include other dresses as well, making curating wedding wardrobes a thing. From bridesmaid getting ready outfits to the bride’s outfit for her bachelorette party, to a separate dress for the wedding reception, engagement party and so on. Brides are beginning to curate bridal wardrobes of white or ivory dresses, each look designed to fit each event complete with accessories, and 2023 promises to have it all.

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